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Lead Partner: Province of Fryslân
European island regions face several challenges: loss of population, isolation, vulnerable environments and limited economic activity, which is often small scale and focuses on few economic sectors, such as agriculture and tourism, due to the island regions' territorial characteristics. One of the largest threats islands faces, is the loss of popolation due to limited work opportunities, especially the young people and talent. However, the islands have their advantages compared to mainland: they have to be more self reliant, with stronger community involvement and isolation situation that can trigger innovations and provide a distinct, resourceful environment for experimental implementation of innovations.  Therefore, insular regions in this project want to address the opportunities of diversification of their economies by improving their innovation policies. Our project focus is to investigate and improve public policy measures in order to turn the islands into innovation "test-beds":  islands as innovation-promoting, experimental "probing and learning" environment which can keep and attract young, innovative and entreprenuerial people and activities to the islands.  This will be done through policy improvement, learning sessions, action plan development, good practice identification and sharing and active work on the islands with involvement of regional stakeholder groups. The project will collect and disseminate the knowledge gained in good practice directory and innovation guide for island regions. The project partnership consists of geographical islands or island regions/archipelagoes from The Netherlands, Denmark, Portugal, Estonia, France and Greece.
Lead Partner: Southern Apennines River Basin District Authority
The Land-Sea project illustrates the joint efforts of partners from four European regions to promote an integrated approach towards improving the policies for sustainable management of the land-sea ecosystems. “The ultimate goal - establishment of joint guiding principles for promotion of interventions for regional growth in the field of the eco­tourism and the related sectors” Interregional learning Based on the interregional learning approach the project includes intensive exchange of experience and knowledge in the field of conservation, restoration and sustainable management of coastal marine areas, as well as in the development and promotion of sustainable and responsible eco-tourism. Integrated activitiesThe networking activities under the project include interregional and local activities: thematic seminars, study visits, expert papers, conferences. Expected results -   Improved skills and competences of the policy makers, local stakeholders and project partners for sustainable management of the land-sea systems-  Improved  Policy Instruments: 3 Structural Funds Operative Programmes and 1 local Plan-  Implemented 4 local action plans envisaging measures and instruments for sustainable management of the land-sea system, supporting ecotourism strategy in the concerned regions.
Politecnico di Torino DIATI

Interested in: Leading a project, Joining a project, Sharing a project idea, Networking with peers

BIOREGIO 2nd Regional Dissemination Event in Lahti, Finland.
Type: Project
The 5th RSG meeting was organized on 17 November 2020
Type: Project
Eleven Landscape Design master students of the Delft University of Technology started working on Innocastle learning cases in the province of Gelderland.
Type: Project
The Province of Groningen hosted the first SMEPlus stakeholder meeting in Netherlands on 4 December 2019.
Type: Project
New department responsible for e-MOPOLI in Flanders. From January 2021 the e-MOPOLI project will be taken over by the minister of Mobility, Lydia Peeters.
Type: Project
1st regional stakeholder meeting, Lodzkie Region, Poland
Type: Project
REMIX Partners ICE and GKZ are jointly organising Matchmaking Event for clusters and specialised eco-systems in mining and metallurgy across Europe
Type: Project