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IMPACT Interregional Meeting Romania (98)

IMPACT Interregional Meeting Romania (98)

From folder: Romania Interregional Meeting - Photo Gallery

Delavnica v Mariboru 9.11.2017

Kako izvajati Uredbo o upravljanju z energijo v javnem sektorju?

From folder: Energy monitoring system in public buildings

Photo Coffee break

networking time

From folder: Communication seminar Athens

INTRA action plan - East Slovenia region

INTRA Action Plan for East Slovenia focuses on Action - Internationalisation Vouchers.

From folder: INTRA Action Plans

INTRA 6th E-Newsletter (SI)

6th issue of the INTRA project E-Newsletter in Slovenia

From folder: INTRA E-Newsletters

IMPACT Meeting Lithuania (64)

IMPACT Meeting Lithuania (64)

From folder: Lithuania Interregional Meeting - Photo Gallery

Public consultation report

Report on the EU-wide public consultation on Interreg Europe (April 2014)

From folder: General programme documents

TE1 Next steps for Project Partners

Graphic showing what the next steps are for project partners

From folder: Graphic Recordings of Thematic Events

Intensify - Project Brochure

Provides a brief summary of the project and its participants

From folder: Project Brochure

Srečanje v Mariboru

Energetske agencije Hrvaške in Slovenije

From folder: Bilateral meeting and press conference in Mariboru