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21/06/2017 - 22/06/2017
Workshop and exchange of experiences in Niepolomice on 21-22 June 2017
Type: Project
5th EMOBICITY Thematic Workshop
Type: Project
20/10/2020 - 22/10/2020
The third TLJ of LCA4regions will take you to Satakunta to discuss LCA for waste management and material flows.
Type: Project
Project summary In recent years, technology and innovation have reached the field of waste. They offer an excellent opportunity to improve policies aiming to minimise waste generation and reach resource efficiency. However, the degree of introduction of innovative equipment and practices varies significantly from one territory to another. This is why the WINPOL project has been launched. Its aim? Improving policies for waste management so that they increasingly foster and promote the use of intelligent equipment and planning derived of it, significantly contributing to waste minimisation in European cities and regions, through improved management procedures and awareness campaigns. The 9 project partners are joining forces to mainstream the use of intelligent equipment and related waste management policies on their territories and beyond. They are doing so in two different phases: Phase 1 - “Interregional Learning” (ended in November 2020)During that phase, partners identified over 30 good practices, exchange experiences, conducted study visits and elaborated action plans to transfer selected good practices and experiences to their territories. The good practices identified have been compiled in a guide, available to all. Phase 2 - “Monitoring of the Action Plan Implementation”This phase will focus on the implementation of the action plans produced with the aim of improving partners’ policy instruments. €1,248,421.00 from 1 Jun 2018 to 30 Nov 2022 Topic Environment and resource efficiency More? Click on the picture to open the leaflet.Discover WINPOL in a synthetic way by reading its first leaflet Click on the picture to open the leaflet.For more details on the Action Plans and the changes they will bring, have a look at the second leaflet Partnership Lead Partner Partner What policy instruments does the project address? Municipal Waste Management Plan of Gijon 2017 On 14 June 2017 Gijon City Council unanimously gave the green light in its plenary session to the Municipal Waste Management Plan of Gijon. The Plan is the result of collaboration between Gijon City Council and the municipal corporation for the environment EMULSA (LP). The Plan establishes the strategic lines for waste management in the city over the coming years and the measures to satisfy the community objectives on this issue. Among the specific measures it contemplates are the use of new information technologies to improve the minimisation, selective collection or recycling rates and the implementation in the city of Gijon of a waste generation payment system, studying the possibility of developing “pay-as-you-throw” policies or individual incentivised pricing. This is a key instrument to apply waste management hierarchy and to advance towards a circular economy.  A 12-month period is established to fine-tune and settle on the Plan measures, an opportunity for the knowledge acquired in WINPOL during that period to be transferred to it, notwithstanding additional mechanisms to intervene on the plan while it is in force. The existence of this framework makes possible experiences and knowledge acquired in WINPOL to be transferred to the general waste management policies in the city of Gijon. Furthermore, the knowledge garnered in WINPOL will permit, through specific interventions, the development of the Integrated Municipal Waste Management Plan of Gijon. Which partners are working on this? EMULSA. Municipal Company of Urban Environment Services of Gijón Strategic Multi-Annual Plan of the City of Antwerp 2016-2019 Action 1SWN030201 The Strategic Multi-Annual Plan contains the strategic goals and priorities for several years and is linked to a financial multi-annual planning.  Action 1SWN030201 aims at a clean, well-maintained public space for inhabitants, visitors and companies, at the entire waste process being adjusted to the metropolitan needs and at an innovative waste policy providing new and efficient methods for waste management in Antwerp. The policy instrument recognizes the dynamic nature of waste collection and details the expected development of different projects in Antwerp which tackle different aspects of waste management innovation such as:Renewal of the contract for garbage bins including the need for ‘communication’ of the bins within the framework of the city’s smart city platform.Garbage bins in parks replaced by so-called ‘big bellies’, with ability to compress the waste. A datawarehouse on waste data to be developed to bring together all relevant data which are currently spread over different departments.A smart, dynamic forecast and route planner for waste collection produced.WIFI for the compacting bins through solar power, specially for parks.Weighing systems, billing citizens on weight of waste in contrast to the current ‘pay-as-you-throw’ system based on volume. Participation in WINPOL will enable Antwerp to learn from other cities and experts,to speed up the innovations and improve the overall efficiency of the policy instrument. Which partners are working on this? City of Antwerp Operational Programme 1 Fostering a competitive and sustainable economy to meet our challenges for Malta Priority Axis 10: Investing in a more environmentally-friendly society. Thematic Objective 06: Preserving and protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency. OP aims at promoting in Malta smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and to the achievement of economic, social and territorial cohesion. Priority Axis 10 - Investing in a more environmentally friendly society-is the one concerned by WINPOL project. To sustain an environmentally-friendly society, this Priority Axis puts particular emphasis on the need to address challenges such as waste minimisation and disposal, water scarcity and the shift towards a more resource efficient economy.  In order to address the challenges posed by the waste sector in particular, this priority axis pursues interventions aimed to reduce the amount of waste and divert remaining residues for recycling and recovery of resources, through measures for waste to energy options. It also focuses on investments in line with the waste hierarchy. The sustainability of the waste sector is challenging, given the size of the Maltese economy.  The treatment of waste in Malta is mainly dependent on landfilling, thus significant investment within the waste sector is needed. Even if in recent years significant investment in the sector was undertaken, particularly through European funds, investment in waste prevention, recycling and investigating intelligent systems appliable to the waste sector is still needed. In this scenario it will be TO 6- preserving and protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency- under Priority Axis 10 that will be hopefully impacted by WINPOL knowledge gained. Which partners are working on this? ERA. Environment and Resources Authority Regional Operational Programme Crete 2014-2020 Thematic Objective 06 “Preservation and Protection of the environment and promotion of efficiency of resources” CRETE ROP aims to boost economic development and create job opportunities in Crete, contributing to achieving the Europe 2020 targets for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. EU funding will also contribute to meeting the requirements of the Union's acquis, in particular as regards waste water treatment, the increase of solid waste recycling and the increase of energy efficiency.  Within the Investment Priority 6a of the Regional Operational Programme of Crete 2014-2020 it is foreseen to implement innovative applications of waste management specially aiming at actions for:Recycling Waste locally (separation at source, composting, etc.);Pilot Innovative applications of waste management in the framework of PESDAK (Regional Plan of Crete for Waste Management);Green locations of local range;Sensitization – InformationInvestment Priority 6a should be improved because as it is justified in the Operational Programme, it is an essential approach for achieving the objective of “sustainable development in environmental terms”, and apply innovative prevention actions, enforce of recycling and separation at source. It would also “apply programmes preventing the waste production” and “Implement action and projects for promotion of reuse and separate collection currents in order to achieve high quality recycling, including compost of bio-waste. The Investment Priority 6a is justified by the Specific Objective 9 “Increment of solid waste that is recycled”. Which partners are working on this? Region of Crete Municipality of Heraklion Waste Management Strategy Maribor 2015-2020 On 26th March 2015 the City Council of Maribor has confirmed the Strategy of Waste Management till 2020 (GMS-063). The Waste Management Strategy basic goals are those set by the EC's Environmental Strategy, which follows sustainable development policies and has recently also been orientated towards the broadest concept of a circular economy policy. Measurable objectives of the strategy are set within the following deadlines: By 2020, the reuse and recycling of waste materials, such as paper, metal, plastics and glass from households and, if possible, from other sources, should be increased to at least 50% of the total weight and the recycling rate of packaging waste increased to at least 60%. By 2025 the goal is to prevent the disposal of all waste which can (materially) be recycled and increasing the recycling rate of packaging to at least 70%. By 2030, the aim is increasing the reuse and recycling of municipal waste to at least 70%; increasing the recycling rate of waste packaging to at least 80% and eliminate the use of landfills. The strategy establishes measures towards those goals and was also set up to optimise waste management within the new automated sorting plant combined with separate collection of waste. In this scenario WINPOL is expected to contribute to enrich the policy instrument by promoting, while approaching the targets set up, the integration of intelligent equipment and derived policies, which can certainly accelerate the reaching of goals. Which partners are working on this? SNAGA. Company for Waste Management and other Utility Services Large Infrastructure Operational Programme (LI OP) Priority Axis 3: Development of the environmental infrastructure in the conditions of efficient resource management Thematic Objective 3.1 - Reducing the number of non-compliant landfills and increasing recycling preparedness in Romania The Large Infrastructure Operational Programme (LIOP) for Romania aims at promoting sustainable economic growth as well as safe and efficient use of resources. It addresses the development of challenges identified at national level in terms of transport infrastructure, sustainable urban transport, environment, energy and risk prevention.  Regarding waste and in accordance with Accession Treaty and applicable directives, Romania has to comply with the following obligations: rehabilitation of 240 non-compliant landfills by 2017; the reduction in storage of municipal biodegradable municipal waste to 35% of the total quantity by 2016; recycling and recovery of packaging waste; preparation for reuse and recycling of municipal waste by 2020- at least 50% of domestic or similar waste. LI OP contributes to comply with some of the previous requirements, others assumed through the Sectoral Operational Program Environment (POSM) .  Priority Axis 3 of the Large Infrastructure Operational Programme (LI OP), foresees the implementation of innovative applications for waste management, covering actions for: Selective collection and sorting;Promoting Waste Management Hierarch;Upgrade the existing infrastructure and to extend separate collection;Reuse and Recycling. In this scenario WINPOL can contribute significantly to define the innovative applications intended, providing knowledge of specific initiatives, thus promoting their development from the policy instrument itself. Which partners are working on this? Drobeta Turnu Severin City Hall Mehedinti County Council Sign up for the WINPOL newsletter Subscribe now The WINPOL Good Practices Guide is out! Check it now! Discover our Action Plans Read in detail the action foreseen by the WINPOL partners to bring positive change on their territories To the Action Plans Have you checked our good practices? Data warehouse, improved collection roads, reuse boxes, pop-up recycle stations... There is for sure a WINPOL good practice that will inspire you! To the good practices! What's next with the Phase 2? What will WINPOL partners do, now that Phase 1 is over? Easy, they will start writing the story of Phase 2 and how they implemented their Action Plans! More Tweets by WINPOL Latest News See all project news 10/11/2021 EMULSA looks to extend pruning waste collection Seeing the success of the pilot project of pruning and mowing waste collection, EMULSA is considering extending this collection scheme. Type: Project 02/11/2021 EMULSA evaluates pruning waste collection EMULSA has been collecting mowing and pruning waste in 60 containers. Results are now analysed to draw the first conclusion from this pilot project. Type: Project 20/10/2021 Jump on board for a less-waste world The EWWR will present its 13th edition during #EURegionsweek. Join the event online! Type: Project 12/10/2021 EMULSA recruits volunteers for its pilot payt EMULSA started the recruitment of volunteers to join its pilot project of PAYT. Type: Project 04/10/2021 Pop-up container reaches Maribor Maribor delivers on its Action Plan with the organisation of a pop-up container! Type: Project 22/09/2021 Italian students discovered WINPOL A group of 15 Italian student visited EMULSA to learn about European projects, including WINPOL. Type: Project 15/09/2021 Gijón, Maribor, and Crete endorse their Action Plan Discover the details of three Action Plans: Gijón, Maribor, and the Region of Crete. Type: Project 09/09/2021 Gijón welcomes the PAYT test with interest EMULSA hold a press conference to explain the pilot project for a study for the feasibility of a Pay-As-You-Throw system in Gijón. Type: Project 04/02/2021 A digital waste management? The European Environement Agency released a briefing on digital technologies and their contribution to deliver more efficient waste management in Europe. Type: Project 18/01/2021 Guidelines on waste collection include COVID section COLLECTORS updated its guidelines on waste collection to include a new part on the impact and measures taken to face the COVID-19 pandemic. Type: Project
Romania (România) Scroll down for information about the bodies responsible for Structural Funds programmes and about the first level control or ask directly Interreg Europe representative in Romania (România). Diana Gheorghe +40372 111 369 Send me an email Organisation Ministry of Public Works, Development and Administration Bld. Libertatii 16, sector 5 Bucharest 050706 Romania (România) View website × Contact Diana Sorry, there was an error submitting your enquiry. Please try again. Please check the recaptcha field below. Thank you, your message has been sent. Complete the form below to send Diana a message... First name: Last name: Email address: Message: Send Display Project Ideas Display Events Display Projects Country-specific information First level control information First level control information This section provides information on the system set up for first level control in your country. Any costs associated with this control are indicated so they can be planned for in any project budget. The system Romania has opted for a centralised first level control system. Expenditure of Romanian project partners will thus have to be checked and confirmed by the following body: Ministry of Development, Public Works and Administration First Level Control Directorate Libertatii 14 Blvd, Bucharest Contact person: Marieta Enache Director Phone: 0040 372 111 807 Fax: 0040 372 111 376 Email: [email protected] The project partners are requested to submit their progress report to the first level control body for verification and confirmation within 15 days after the end of each reporting period. In case of clarifications request, the project partners will be granted 5 days to reply. The costs The above-mentioned body will perform the first level control free of charge to Romanian project partners. On-the-spot checks The first level control body will organise on-the-spot-checks for each project partner at least once during the project lifetime. Latest news from Romania (România) 03/09/2020 Maramures focuses on local quality products The Maramures’ Action Plan developed within FC4EU project supports the implementation of ”Good of Maramures” – “Bun de Maramures” labeling system Type: Project Latest Projects REBUS Renovation for Energy efficient BUildingS Romania (România) REGIO-MOB Interregional Learning towards Sustainable Mobility in Europe: the REGIO-MOB... Romania (România) SME ORGANICS Enhancing SME competitiveness and sustainability in the organic sector Romania (România) CD-ETA Collaborative Digitization of  Natural and Cultural Heritage Romania (România) UpGradeSME Improving policy instruments supporting innovative SME performance Romania (România) RuralGrowth RuralGrowth - increasing competitiveness of SMEs in the rural visitor economy... Romania (România) TRAM Towards new Regional Action plans for sustainable urban Mobility Romania (România) LOCARBO Novel roles of regional and LOcal authorities in supporting energy consumers’... Romania (România) CISMOB Cooperative information platform for low carbon and sustainable mobility        ... Romania (România) NICHE Building innovative food value chains in regions Romania (România) Beyond EDP Improve the RIS3 effectiveness through the management of the entrepreneurial... Romania (România) RETRACE A Systemic Approach for Regions Transitioning towards a Circular Economy Romania (România) HERICOAST Management of heritage in coastal landscapes Romania (România) RESET RESearch centers of Excellence in the Textile sector Romania (România) CRE:HUB policies for cultural CREative industries: the HUB for innovative regional... Romania (România) BIO4ECO Sustainable regional bioenergy policies: a game changer Romania (România) IMPACT Innovative Models for Protected Areas: exChange and Transfer Romania (România) CHRISTA Culture and Heritage for Responsible, Innovative and Sustainable Tourism Actions... Romania (România) NMP-REG Delivering Nanotechnologies, advanced Materials and Production to REGional... Romania (România) iEER Boosting innovative Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Regions for young entrepreneurs... Romania (România) HoCare Delivery of Innovative solutions for Home Care by strengthening quadruple-helix... Romania (România) CLUSTERIX 2.0 New Models of Innovation for Strategic Cluster Partnerships Romania (România) Social Green Regional Policies towards Greening the Social Housing Sector Romania (România) BIOREGIO Regional circular economy models and best available technologies for biological... Romania (România) MONITORIS3 Exchange of experiences in monitoring mechanisms, indicators and methodologies... Romania (România) COALESCCE Community owned and led energy for security climate change and employment Romania (România) MOLOC Low carbon urban morphologies Romania (România) RCIA Regional Creative Industries Alliance – From European recommendations to better... Romania (România) OptiTrans Optimisation of Public Transport Policies for Green Mobility Romania (România) Green Screen Greening the creative industries: improving policy practices for the European... Romania (România) School Chance SCHOOL mobility CHAllenge in regioNal poliCiEs Romania (România) MARIE MAinstreaming Responsible Innovation in European S3 Romania (România) Rural SMEs Policies to develop entrepreneurship and innovative SMEs in rural areas Romania (România) CLEAN Technologies and open innovation for low-carbon regions Romania (România) Green Pilgrimage Green Pilgrimage supporting natural and cultural heritage Romania (România) ENERSELVES Policy instruments for energy self-consumption in buildings Romania (România) ClusterFY Fostering Clusters’ Interregional Collaboration and Integration into... Romania (România) INNOTRANS Enhancing transport innovation capacity of regions Romania (România) FoodChains 4 EU Strengthening regional innovation policies to build sustainable food chains Romania (România) STRING STrategies for Regional INnovative Food Clusters Romania (România) SHARE Sustainable approach to cultural Heritage for the urban Areas Requalification in... Romania (România) InnovaSUMP Innovations in Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans for low-carbon urban transport Romania (România) STOB regions Succession and Transfer of Business in Regions Romania (România) VIOLET preserVe tradItiOnal buiLdings through Energy reducTion Romania (România) EPICAH Effectiveness of Policy Instruments for Cross-Border Advancement in Heritage Romania (România) SUPPORT Support Local Governments in Low Carbon Strategies Romania (România) CYCLEWALK Sharing best practices and experience on data collecting and processing and... Romania (România) BIOGOV Celebrating Biodiversity Governance Romania (România) iBuy Fostering the role of public authorities as demanders of innovation through... Romania (România) WINPOL Waste Management Intelligent Systems and Policies Romania (România) Delta Lady Floating Cultures in River Deltas Romania (România) FEMINA Female participation in high-tech enterprises Romania (România) InnovaSPA Innovative health solutions for thermal spa regions Romania (România) DEVISE Digital tech SMEs at the service of Regional Smart Specialisation Strategies Romania (România) FINCH Financing impact on regional development of cultural heritage valorisation Romania (România) iWATERMAP Water Technology Innovation Roadmaps Romania (România) E-COOL Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Mindset in Young People through the... Romania (România) Innocastle INNOvating policy instruments for historic CASTLEs, manors and estates Romania (România) e-MOPOLI Electro MObility as driver to support POLicy Instruments for sustainable... Romania (România) GPP-STREAM Green Public Procurement and Sustainability Tools for Resource Efficiency... Romania (România) EUREGA EUropean REgions of GAstronomy building resilience and creating economic... Romania (România) INVALIS Protecting European Biodiversity from Invasive Alien Species Romania (România) MATCH-UP The role of modal interchange to foster a low-carbon urban mobility Romania (România) ThreeT Thematic Trail Trigger Romania (România) SmartEdge Sustainable Metropolitan Areas and the Role of The Edge City Romania (România) CLAY Cross Sector support for Innovative and Competitive Artistic Ceramic SMEs Romania (România) TraCS3 Fostering Interregional Collaboration and Support for Innovation Infrastructure... Romania (România) EXTRA-SMEs Improving policies to boost SME competitiveness and extraversion in EU coastal... Romania (România) DeCarb Supporting the clean energy transition of coal-intensive EU regions Romania (România) RECREATE REinforce Competitiveness of REgionAl Transport SMEs Romania (România) IMPROVE Improving Structural Funds for better delivery of R&D&i policies Romania (România) Local Flavours Authentic tourism based on local cultural flavours Romania (România) REPLACE REgional PoLicy Actions for Circular Economy Romania (România) COHES3ION Integrating the territorial dimension for cohesive S3. Romania (România) 40Ready Strengthening SME capacity to engage in Industry 4.0 Romania (România) PriMaaS Prioritizing low carbon mobility services for improving accessibility of... Romania (România) FRiDGE Development of food industry SME competitiveness for better potentials in growth Romania (România) RFC Recapture the Fortress Cities Romania (România) EURE Effectiveness of Environmental Urban policies to improve Resources Efficiency Romania (România) COLOR CIRCLE COnnecting and empowering LOcal authorities with Research capacities to unlock... Romania (România) SMEPlus Improving policy instruments to increase the energy efficiency in industrial... Romania (România) BIGDATA 4RIVERS Improving the European Rivers Water Quality through Smart Water Management... Romania (România) PROGRESS PROmoting the Governance of Regional Ecosystem ServiceS Romania (România) ACSELL ACcelerating SmE innovation capacities with a Living Lab approach Romania (România) DIGITAL REGIONS Regional policies adopting Industry 4.0 for their Digital Transformation Romania (România) ECoC-SME Actions for inducing SME growth and innovation via the ECoC event and legacy Romania (România) AgroRES Investing in Renewable Energies for Agriculture Romania (România) INNO INDUSTRY Improving innovation delivery of policies within 4.0 industry in Europe. Romania (România) MOMAr Models of Management for Singular Rural Heritage Romania (România) REDUCES REthinking Sustainable Development in European Regions by Using Circular Economy... Romania (România) SHREC SHifting towards Renewable Energy for Transition to Low Carbon Energy Romania (România) IRENES Integrating RENewable energy and Ecosystem Services in environmental and energy... Romania (România) PLASTECO Supporting EU regions to curb plastics waste and littering Romania (România) S3UNICA Smart SpecialiSation UNIvercity CAmpus Romania (România) RAMSAT Revitalizing Remote And Mountainous areas through Sustainable Alternative... Romania (România) EMOBICITY Increase of energy efficiency by Electric MOBIlity in the CITY Romania (România) Blue Green City Blue and Green Infrastructure for Sustainable Cities Romania (România) SinCE-AFC Enchancing the Entrepreneurship of SMEs in Circular Economy of the Agri-Food... Romania (România) E-MOB Integrated actions towards enhanced e-mobility in European regions Romania (România) See all projects from Romania (România) setTimeout(function () { ;(function(root, factory) { if (typeof define === 'function' && define.amd) { define(['jquery'], factory); } else if (typeof exports === 'object') { module.exports = factory(require('jquery')); } else { root.jquery_dotdotdot_js = factory(root.jQuery); } }(this, function(jQuery) { /* * jQuery dotdotdot 3.0.5 * @requires jQuery 1.7.0 or later * * dotdotdot.frebsite.nl * * Copyright (c) Fred Heusschen * www.frebsite.nl * * License: CC-BY-NC-4.0 * http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/ */ !function(t){"use strict";function e(){a=t(window),s={},r={},o={},t.each([s,r,o],function(t,e){e.add=function(t){t=t.split(" ");for(var n=0,i=t.length;ni)){t[n]=function(t,e){this.$dot=t,this.api=["getInstance","truncate","restore","destroy","watch","unwatch"],this.opts=e;var i=this.$dot.data(n);return i&&i.destroy(),this.init(),this.truncate(),this.opts.watch&&this.watch(),this},t[n].version=i,t[n].uniqueId=0,t[n].defaults={ellipsis:"… ",truncate:"word",tolerance:0,keep:null,watch:"window"},t[n].prototype={init:function(){this.watchTimeout=null,this.watchInterval=null,this.uniqueId=t[n].uniqueId++,this.originalContent=this.$dot.contents(),this.originalStyle=this.$dot.attr("style")||"",this.maxHeight=this._getMaxHeight()+this.opts.tolerance,"break-word"!==this.$dot.css("word-wrap")&&this.$dot.css("word-wrap","break-word"),"nowrap"===this.$dot.css("white-space")&&this.$dot.css("white-space","normal")},getInstance:function(){return this},truncate:function(){var e=this;this.$inner=this.$dot.wrapInner("").children().css({display:"block",height:"auto",width:"auto",border:"none",padding:0,margin:0}),this.$inner.contents().detach().end().append(this.originalContent.clone(!0)),this.$inner.find("script, style").addClass(s.keep),this.opts.keep&&this.$inner.find(this.opts.keep).addClass(s.keep),this.$inner.find("*").not("."+s.keep).add(this.$inner).contents().each(function(){var n=this,i=t(this);if(3==n.nodeType){if(i.prev().is("table, thead, tfoot, tr, th, td, dl, dt, dd, ul, ol, li, video"))return void i.remove();if(i.parent().contents().length>1){var r=t(''+e.__getTextContent(n)+"").css({display:"inline",height:"auto",width:"auto",border:"none",padding:0,margin:0});i.replaceWith(r)}}else 8==n.nodeType&&i.remove()});var n=this._truncateNode(this.$dot);return this.$dot[n?"addClass":"removeClass"](s.truncated),this.$inner.find("."+s.text).each(function(){t(this).replaceWith(t(this).contents())}),this.$inner.find("."+s.keep).removeClass(s.keep),this.$inner.replaceWith(this.$inner.contents()),this.$inner=null,n},restore:function(){this.unwatch(),this.$dot.contents().detach().end().append(this.originalContent).attr("style",this.originalStyle).removeClass(s.truncated)},destroy:function(){this.restore(),this.$dot.data(n,null)},watch:function(){var t=this;this.unwatch();var e={};"window"==this.opts.watch?a.on(o.resize+t.uniqueId,function(n){t.watchTimeout&&clearTimeout(t.watchTimeout),t.watchTimeout=setTimeout(function(){e=t._watchSizes(e,a,"width","height")},100)}):this.watchInterval=setInterval(function(){e=t._watchSizes(e,t.$dot,"innerWidth","innerHeight")},500)},unwatch:function(){a.off(o.resize+this.uniqueId),this.watchInterval&&clearInterval(this.watchInterval),this.watchTimeout&&clearTimeout(this.watchTimeout)},_api:function(){var e=this,n={};return t.each(this.api,function(t){var i=this;n[i]=function(){var t=e[i].apply(e,arguments);return"undefined"==typeof t?n:t}}),n},_truncateNode:function(e){var n=this,i=!1,r=!1;return t(e.children().get().reverse()).not("."+s.keep).each(function(){var e=(t(this).contents()[0],t(this));if(!i&&!e.hasClass(s.keep)){if(e.children().length)i=n._truncateNode(e);else if(!n._fits()||r){var o=t("").css("display","none");if(e.replaceWith(o),e.detach(),n._fits()){if("node"==n.opts.truncate)return!0;o.replaceWith(e),i=n._truncateWord(e),i||(r=!0,e.detach())}else o.remove()}e.contents().length||e.remove()}}),i},_truncateWord:function(t){var e=t.contents()[0];if(!e)return!1;for(var n=this,i=this.__getTextContent(e),s=i.indexOf(" ")!==-1?" 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Project good practices Newest first Oldest first A-Z Z-A Network of Regional Specialized Observatories (SO RIS) 28/02/2020 SO RIS is a space for cooperation between business environment and the scientific and research sector, business support institutions and local government units. Location: Śląskie, Poland (Polska) Project: Design 4 Innovation “Silesian Icon” - regional design competition by Cieszyn Castle 25/02/2020 Silesian Icon is Poland’s only regional design competition. It awards the most innovative user-centred and market-driven products, graphics and services. Location: Śląskie, Poland (Polska) Project: Design 4 Innovation The Centre for Value Integration in Catalonia 13/01/2020 The programme promoted the concept of systemic innovation through design and it was addressed to companies and public entities. Location: Cataluña, Spain (España) Project: Design 4 Innovation Re:Connect 18/12/2019 Re:Connect was a pilot programme with the purpose of building strategic design capabilities to SMEs and designers. Location: Κεντρική Μακεδονία, Greece (Ελλαδα) Project: Design 4 Innovation Design for Innovation 2020 Programme 16/12/2019 A novel tool to foster the development of the Galician economy by promoting among companies the systematic use of design as a driver of innovation. Location: Galicia, Spain (España) Project: Design 4 Innovation PLUS Programme 17/10/2019 PLUS is a market development programme, with the purpose of maturing the Danish business community and the Danish design industry’s ability to cooperate. Location: Hovedstaden, Denmark (Danmark) Project: Design 4 Innovation User-centred on-site consultations with the future communities active at the Valletta Design Cluster 13/09/2019 The practice consisted of a deep analysis of several groups of prospective users of the Valletta Design Cluster (VDC) facilities Location: Malta, Malta Project: Design 4 Innovation Design Thinking course for business support organisation 20/08/2019 Building capacity for design thinking in government institutions to improve experience and innovativeness of business support services. Location: Latvija, Latvia (Latvija) Project: Design 4 Innovation Mapping the Design Sector in Catalonia 22/07/2019 The Catalan design sector was analysed collecting economic data and identifying weaknesses as well as potential growth and consolidation opportunities. Location: Cataluña, Spain (España) Project: Design 4 Innovation Creative Industries Incubator 19/07/2019 Support for early-stage start-ups and entrepreneurs in shaping their business ideas and developing their businesses. Location: Latvija, Latvia (Latvija) Project: Design 4 Innovation 12 Next Visit the good practice database Sign up for the Design 4 Innovation newsletter Subscribe now (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js#xfbml=1&version=v2.10"; js.async = true; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Design 4 Innovation Tweets by Design 4 Innovation
Project partners and stakeholders will meet in Savinjska region to discover good energy practices and listen to successful stories through the project seminar.
Type: Project
Lazio region implements measures to increase lectric mobility in its capital Rome and provide park and ride facilities to communters.
Type: Project
The kick-start the Emilia-Romagna Local Stakeholder Group meetings! Discover what ASTER found out when they organised their first LSG meeting!
Type: Project
The focus of the webinar was on local projects, and how they are connected with certain policies in the area.
Type: Project