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INTHERWASTE - Interregional Environmental Integration of Waste...

Lead Partner: Sanitation Córdoba (SADECO)

Cities are places where environmental performance management is of utmost importance: in the majority of them there is a concentration of unsustainable behaviours in terms of waste management, energy efficiency or mobility. Heritage Cities share this...

What's next for INTHERWASTE?


INTHERWASTE upcoming activities #5

Type: Project

Latest bilateral meetings between INTHERWASTE cities


Project partners continued to initiate bilateral visits to enhance learning

Type: Project

What's next for INTHERWASTE?


INTHERWASTE upcoming activities #2

Type: Project

Best practices on Waste Deposit


Presentations of best practices on Waste Deposit in Heritage Areas.

Type: Project

1st Thematic Seminar on Waste Deposit


On 9 March 2017, the Municipality of Porto organised the 1st Thematic Seminar of the INTHERWASTE...

Type: Project

Meet the INTHERWASTE partners: Porto Municipality


Some insights on the Municipality of Porto and its work on waste management.

Type: Project

Creating synergies: Focus on the EWWR


The European Week for Waste Reduction is the biggest awareness raising campaign on waste prevention...

Type: Project

Good Practices Handbook - coming soon


A guide highlighting exemplary and innovative initiatives in heritage cities will be published soon

Type: Project

Waste Wolf campaign in Tallinn - 2-3 September


Are you in Tallinn on 2-3 September during the Uus Maailm District Street Festival?

Type: Project