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Slovenia - MojaObčina.si/Litija

October 2018 - https://www.mojaobcina.si/litija/novice/evropski-projekti/sesto-medregionalno-srecanje-na-irskem-projekta-trinno-1.html

From folder: Semester 6: Media Appearances

Novi tednik local paper - Slovenia

Article published in 'Novi tednik', the most readed local newspaper in the Savinjska region (Slovenia) about CLEAN (April 2017).

From folder: Media appearances

Slovenia - MojaObčina.si/Šmartno pri Litiji

November 2018

From folder: Semester 4: Media Appearances

Third SYMBI stakeholders' meeting Slovenia


Financial mechanisms and PPP are considered strong leverage for boosting circular economy projects....

Type: Project

Second SYMBI stakeholders' meeting Slovenia


Circular economy and industrial symbiosis cannot be implemented without involvement of stakeholders,...

Type: Project

Slovenia - MojaObčina.si/Litija

October 2018

From folder: Semester 4: Media Appearances

Fourth Symbi stakeholder in Slovenia


Fourth Symbi stakeholder group meeting focuses on the challenge of developing a market for secondary...

Type: Project

Slovenia - MojaObčina.si/Litija

December 2017 - https://www.mojaobcina.si/litija/novice/nov-projekt-za-krepitev-inovacijskih-sistemov-na-podezelju.html

From folder: Semester 1: Media Appearances

SMART-MR: transition towards low-carbon mobility planning


Follow our Interreg Reporter in the backstage of SMART-MR project, defining innovative and...

Type: Programme

Better smartphones using thanks to Equaleyes.


Equaleyes Solutions it's a startup that was founded on 9th January, 2012. It's location is in two...

Type: Project