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Each semester of Our Project's implementation takes a period of 6 months. That means, that the fourth semester is over till now. I'm glad to present you the f...
Type: Project
The Regio-Mob Guidelines of Good Practices in Sustainable Mobility is now available. (Visit Library)
Type: Project
This is a charity event bringing together companies and individual volunteers aimed at the production of protective helmets for medical services. Such activity ...
Type: Project
Presentation regarding Network Granada during meeting in May.
From folder: Network Granada
200 000 Euro to fund clarification of business ideas in Møre and Romsdal Volda was among the municipalities that were assigned hoppid.no funds for entrepreneu...
Type: Project
Crowdfunding and Steering Committee Meeting What were the most important points? So, Friday was a really intensive day for us. In the beginning, we listened t...
Type: Project
DESTI-SMART Workshop on “Smart Mobility at Tourist Destinations” approved by the EWRC 2020 selection committee to be part of #EURegionsWeek 2020
Type: Project
The idea of crowdfunding Do you know, how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign? Crowdfunding is becoming a very popular solution for getting funds for so...
Type: Project
#fi-compass launched a dedicated webpage to the implementation of financial instruments in the 2021-2027 programming period.
Type: Project
Bureau PAU

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