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Cluster Food+i (private entity), and brings together more than 90 companies, research centers and other entities related to innovation in the agri-food sector
Location: La Rioja, Spain (España)
Project: Agri Renaissance
Coalescce project partner, Lake Constance Foundation, was awarded the European Solar Prize 2020 for its tireless work over 25 years.
Type: Project
Call for EU sustainable energy award nominations for the 2021 edition is open until 17 May.
Type: Other
Green Hub Denmark is launching a webinar to address decarbonisation of the energy production in Aalborg and the North Denmark region.
Type: Project
Ecological Transition organises a conference to promote self-consumption of energy among the population.
Type: Project
Organised by AGENEX, where DeCarb project where explained.
Type: Project
A delegation from Lorient went to the Rhône-Alpe Region (East of France) to study many good practices in terms of energy reappropriation.
Type: Project
On January 29 Parma municipality held its first stakeholder meeting, involving 20 participants from private and public entities.
Type: Project
PASSAGE project has been selected as an "inspiration" for the next European Energy Transition Conference
Type: Project
Submitted by: Rodrigo Villamizar, 01/02/2020
To use data analytic AI platforms (already operational) to serve as a digital twin of a power system (hopefully at a national level). We have the agreement of a small latin american country to cooperateand a major technology company -also- from Germany. It will make the entire system more efficient, track the carbon footprint and useful for public investment guidance.