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EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation in Brussels and Stara Zagora Regional Economic Development Agency in Bulgaria are inviting to MINVERVA Webinar
Type: Project
It consists on a grant launched by the Economic Development Agency of Asturias to encourage cooperation among companies for the execution of R+D+i projects.
Location: Principado de Asturias, Spain (España)
Project: CLIPPER
EU Member States' ministers responsible for urban development gathered at an informal meeting adopted the New Leipzig Charter.
Type: Project
Representatives of six different countries met in Andalusia, Spain, to celebrate the kick-off meeting of IMPACT interreg Europe.
Type: Project
The Import Workshop of the Municipality of Florence took place on 10th October 2018 at the Teatro dell'Opera, venue of the Economic Development department. R...
Type: Project
The meeting will take place on the 18th of January (Friday) in the meeting room of Stara Zagora Regional Economic Development Agency.
Type: Project
Submitted by: Africa Zanella, 16/05/2016
Sustainability in the 21st century is a must for all entitites in society and yet the concept is not well understood or practiced by many small and medium enterprises .
Submitted by: Elke Van der Heijden, 31/03/2017
In many European cities, local entrepreneurs join forces in new types of collective ventures to engage in shared investments, collective marketing, improving shared public space, etc. Local governments increasingly recognize the value of such collectives and develop policy measures to support and promote them. This rising phenomenon of Area Based Collaborative Entrepreneurship (ABCE) can be seen as a solution for the challenges caused by structural forces such as economic restructuring, globalization, socio-economic changes in labour markets and current city developments . The project involves 4 different cities to exchange knowledge on how ABCE can be supported more effectively with local and regional policy instruments. By identifying critical success conditions and sharing these across regions in Europe, important recommendations to improve policy instruments will be delivered while simultaneously reducing socially and environmentally degrading economic behaviours.
Submitted by: Elena Badeanschi, 20/03/2018
Reigniting economic and social participation in territorial development of peripheral areas by designing and experimenting new economic and organizational model table to meet the needs of underserved communities in a sustainable and profitable way, The model focuses on a new way of collaboration between public and third sectors in order to meet the needs of underserved communities in a sustainable and profitable way, The use of the model will allow to create new jos for comunity manager, to create profitable markets for service providers and to stimulate community engagement in territorial development policies . Exchanging knowledge within partnership between territories with similar problems in order to provide mutual benefit in identifying and promoting activities managed th the new economic model. The comparison will bring about experimental pilot actions which can be used for their replicability as models for policy recommendations to benefit European social cohesion.
The Commission presented its proposition about Cohesion Policy at the Multiannual Financial Framework where the 2021-2027 EU budget is being prepared.
Type: Project