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Compete in a more resource efficient and circular economy by...


An EREK workshop on the current market and policy trends on circular economy, resource efficiency...

Type: Other

Vending machines: a participative and eco-innovative tender...

Summary: The practice relates to the delivery of vending concession services of food and drink for students and staff (around 70,000 people) for the University of Turin.

Location: Piemonte,

Workshop BIO4ECO Ljubljana, Slovenia


Workshop held by Slovenia Forest Service in Ljubljana, with the topic of "Current Challenges in the...

Type: Project

Birmingham's innovation eco-system toured by experts


Urban M project partners visited Birmingham as part of a STEAM policy clinic.

Type: Project

ECO-CICLE Good Practices: Vistula Cycling Route


12 good practices have been selected in the frame of the ECO-CICLE project. The Vistula Cycling...

Type: Project

SUPERproject What exactly does Eco-innovation mean?


Let´s stop for a moment and consider what actually can be understood by term eco-innovation and how...

Type: Project

Urban M peer review, a design-led process (part one)


Birmingham City Council's, Heather Law, reveals how Birmingham’s Collaborative Maker Space (CMS)...

Type: Project

CE Story 2: let's present you CETI


A textile innovation and applied research centre for the future trends and needs, adapted for the...

Type: Project

CE Story : LCA & Circular Economy


Do you know that in Hauts-de-France, Life Cycle Management is a key element for circular economy ?

Type: Project

Catalysts for innovation - Brussels


The Catalyst for Innovation event will showcase the work of three Interreg Europe projects whose...

Type: Project