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The partners and their regional stakeholders will be presenting and reflecting on more than a dozen good practices from across the European continent.
Type: Project
The Food Innovation and Enterprise Fund has now been established in Oldham and has allocated the first grant
Type: Project
Online Thematic Field workshops meeting via Microsoft Teams on January, 28. 2021.
Type: Project
10/05/2018 - 11/05/2018
The third Circular Change Conference is a two-day interactive stream of indoor and outdoor events
Type: Project
02/05/2017 - 04/05/2017
The 3rd interregional event focuses on exchange of good practices and succesful experiences
Type: Project
The Environmental Sustainability Observatory at the Metropolitan City of Bologna is an association founded by the Order of Chartered Accountants and Accounting.
Type: Project
The results achieved in Piedmont (Italy).
Type: Project
13/12/2018 - 14/12/2018
The seventh Interregional policy learning workshop & peer review of the STOB regions project took place on 13th and 14th of December 2018, in Seville, Spain...
Type: Project
08/10/2018 - 09/10/2018
The fifth TEE of the project TANIA is scheduled for the next October in Crete. Here a summary of the main points that will be discussed in the meeting.
Type: Project
In this section, you will find the relevant material of the LCA4Regions project. LCA4Regions presentations 22/01/2020 Download the presentations made at the events to get deeper inside LCA4Regions! Type: Project Communication material 09/10/2019 Who are we? Have a look at LCA4Regions' poster & follow our path on the leaflet! Type: Project Life Cycle Catalyst 18/02/2020 What goes around comes around. Don't miss six-monthly updates on our journey! Type: Project Transnational Learning... 04/03/2020 Experience the TLJs as if you were there thanks to these detailed summaries. Type: Project Press releases & media... 07/10/2019 Read the LCA4Regions press releases and check out the news about us! Type: Project Regional events presentations 18/10/2019 LCA4Regions means bottom-up change. Here you find the contents of local events! Type: Project See all Library Items LCA4Regions presentations Copy Link TLJ#3 - Bioeconomy regions Key sustainability issues for implementing bioeconomy regions - Analyzing industrial integration through life cycle based tools | Alberto Bezama, Helmholtz Cent PDF (3.78MB) Download TLJ#2 16 June LCA methodology LCA methodology PDF (3.08MB) Download TLJ#2 18 June Agenda TLJ#2 18 June Agenda PDF (663.90KB) Download TLJ#2 18 June Biosasun TLJ#2 18 June Study visit Biosasun PDF (2.58MB) Download TLJ#2 18 June Peer Review GN TLJ#2 18 June Peer Review GN PDF (1.05MB) Download TLJ#2 18 June Peer Review ACR+ TLJ#2 18 June Peer Review ACR+ PDF (729.89KB) Download LCA4Regions: "From theory to practice" Workshop introduced by Fritz Balkau, external expert on life cycle methodologies PDF (3.75MB) Download A Case Study from Lithuania #1 Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Electric and Conventional Vehicles PDF (1.50MB) Download A case study from Lithuania #2 Environmental impact assessment of renovated multi-apartment building using LCA PDF (1.05MB) Download TLJ#2 16 June Navarra overview & policy context Navarra overview & policy context PDF (1.75MB) Download Regional analysis Lithuania - KTU Outline RAB Lithuania PDF (1.60MB) Download Regional analysis Baixo Alentejo Outline RAB CIMBAL Portugal PDF (376.22KB) Download Regional analysis Lodzkie Region Outline RAB Lodzkie PDF (0.97MB) Download Regional analysis Lombardy Outline RAB Lombardy PDF (550.41KB) Download Regional analysis Navarra Outline RAB Navarra PDF (870.23KB) Download Regional analysis Slovenia - NIC Outline RAB Slovenia PDF (386.47KB) Download Regional analysis Satakunta - PJI Outline RAB Satakunta PDF (364.13KB) Download Benchmarking Regional analysis - ACR+ Outline Benchmarking RABs PDF (1.00MB) Download TLJ#2 17 Jun_GP Navarre (SP) Carbon footprint calculation in public services (urban transport, water supply and waste management) MCP PDF (1.50MB) Download TLJ#2 17 Jun_GP Lodzkie Region (PL) Izodom - LCA and construction materials PDF (846.37KB) Download TLJ#2 17 Jun_GP Slovenia Energy and resource efficiency in hotel industry PDF (1.55MB) Download TLJ#2 17 Jun_GP Lombardy Region (IT) LEED Protocol PDF (699.40KB) Download TLJ#2 17 Jun_GP Baixo Alentejo (PT) Awards: More Alqueva, more value PDF (916.10KB) Download TLJ#2 17 Jun_GP Finland Recycled soil material - Ramboll Ltd PDF (7.28MB) Download TLJ#2 17 Jun_GP Lithuania Substitution of hazardous substances in process industry using results of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) PDF (1.16MB) Download TLJ#2 17 Jun_LCA4Regions GP overview Overview of Good Practice in the LCA4Regions Project PDF (807.16KB) Download TLJ#2 17 June Agenda TLJ#2 17 June Agenda PDF (664.72KB) Download TLJ#2 16 June Carbon metric tool Zero Waste Scotland shows the Carbon metric tool and its work in the "More circularity, less carbon" campaign PDF (959.55KB) Download TLJ#2 16 June Agenda TLJ#2 16 June Agenda PDF (663.21KB) Download TLJ#2 16 June LCA4Regions project A presentation of LCA4Regions PDF (912.71KB) Download RAB Benchmark ACR+ A project baseline about the life cycle approach, highlighting opportunities and challenges of LCA4Regions PDF (2.59MB) Download RAB Benchmark ACR+ conclusions Wrap-up of the main challenges and opportunities of LCA4Regions PDF (400.68KB) Download Carbon Metric Tool ZWS presents an original life cycle tool PDF (0.95MB) Download Biosasun-case-study LCA-Results-and-Actions PDF (2.05MB) Download Navarre overview and policy context Navarra committed to sustainability and to fight climate change PDF (1.71MB) Download TLJ#3 - Introduction Introduction to LCA4Regions - TLJ#3 20 October 2020 PDF (1.12MB) Download TLJ#3 - Life Cycle Methodologies for Regions Good Practice Policy using LCA and LCM - Fritz Balkau - 20 October 2020 PDF (2.16MB) Download TLJ#3 - LCA for waste management 5 Refract Life cycle assessment of refractory waste management in a Spanish steel works - Ivan Munoz - 20 October 2020 PDF (4.02MB) Download TLJ#3 - Satakunta Policy Context Satakunta policy context - Pekka Maijala - 20 October 2020 PDF (1.38MB) Download TLJ#3 - Plastics hold value Plastics hold value – views about circular economy of plastics | Auli Westerholm. Manager in Public affairs, Fortum Waste Solutions Ltd, 21 October 2020 PDF (3.98MB) Download TLJ#3 - GP1 CIMBAL Green Edge | Elsa Ferreiro Nunes, CIMBAL (PT), 21 October 2020 PDF (487.36KB) Download TLJ#3 - GP2 Italy LCA & LCC of CDW management system | Lucia Rigamonti, Politecnico di Milano, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (IT), 21 October 2020 PDF (927.93KB) Download TLJ#3 - GP3 NIC Comparative LCA of alternative packaging materials for beverage |Albin Pintar, National Institute of Chemistry (SI), 21 October 2020 PDF (542.23KB) Download TLJ#3 - GP4 Lodzkie Redistribution of charges for environmental pollution into pro-environmental investments | Adam Szymanski, Lodzkie Region (PL), 21 October 2020 PDF (807.91KB) Download TLJ#3 - GP5 Navarra Carbon footprint of the Food Bank of Navarre | Maite Aldaya, Institute for Innovation & Sustainable Development in Food Chain (ES), 21 October 2020 PDF (3.33MB) Download TLJ#3 - GP6 KTU LCA in optimization of municipal waste management | Jolanta Dvarioniene, Kaunas University of Technology (LT) PDF (1.02MB) Download TLJ#3 - GP7 FEI Processing alternatives of biodegradable waste – anaerobic digestion, energy & biofuel | Tuuli Myllymaa, Finnish Environment Institute (FI) PDF (1.30MB) Download TLJ#3 - Biomass atlas Biomass Atlas | Eeva Lehtonen, Research Scientist (MSc), Natural Resources Institute, 22 October 2020 PDF (903.26KB) Download TLJ#3 - Nutrient calculator Nutrient calculator – tool for planning regional nutrient recycling in Finland | Sari Luostarinen, Senior Scientist PhD, Natural Resource institute, 22/10/2020 PDF (1.44MB) Download TLJ#3 - Environmental impact assessment Environmental impact assessment of biodegradable waste treatment | Jouni Havukainen, Associate Professor PhD, Lappeenranta University of Technology, 22/10/2020 PDF (1.34MB) Download TLJ#3 - Separate collection recycling waste Separate collection and recycling of waste – A company view | Pasi Kaskinen, Marketing Manager, Loimi-Häme Waste Management Ltd, 22 October 2020 PDF (2.67MB) Download TLJ#3 - Finnish politics and LCAFinnish politics and LCA | Eeva Kalli, Representative of Finnish Parliament TLJ#3 - Agenda Agenda of LCA4Regions Third TLJ PDF (258.81KB) Download TLJ#3 - Good practices overview TLJ#3 - Good practices overview PDF (346.78KB) Download TLJ#3 - Virtual visits overview TLJ#3 - Virtual visits overview PDF (132.92KB) Download Communication material Copy Link Embark on the LCA4Regions journeyGet a brief yet enlightening introduction to Life Cycle Approach and discover the main steps of LCA4Regions journey LCA4Regions leaflet (EN) . PDF (2.16MB) Download LCA4Regions poster (ES) LCA4Regions póster en castellano PDF (2.11MB) Download LCA4Regions leaflet (ES) Folleto en castellano PDF (1.53MB) Download LCA4Regions poster (LT) LCA4Regions poster (LT) PDF (2.14MB) Download LCA4Regions poster (FI) LCA4Regions poster (FI) PDF (2.11MB) Download LCA4Regions poster (PT) LCA4Regions poster (PT) PDF (2.11MB) Download LCA4Regions poster (SL) LCA4Regions poster (SL) PDF (2.14MB) Download LCA4Regions poster (PL) LCA4Regions poster (PL) PDF (2.11MB) Download LCA4Regions poster (EN) . PDF (1.88MB) Download Life Cycle Catalyst Copy Link Life Cycle Catalyst #3 The third issue of LCA4Regions newsletter, published in January 2021. PDF (1.17MB) Download Life Cycle Catalyst #1 LCA4Regions already took its first local steps! Read more. PDF (3.06MB) Download Life Cycle Catalyst #2 A wrap-up of the results of the first year of cooperation! PDF (1.94MB) Download Transnational Learning Documents Copy Link Transnational Learning Document #1 The first chapter of LCA4Regions. Read it until the end to discover partners' perspectives, stakeholders' feedback and ground for improvements! PDF (1.99MB) Download Transnational Learning Document #2 The second chapter of the LCA4Regions journey took partners to Navarre (ES). Experience again this TLJ thanks to this document. PDF (2.22MB) Download Transnational Learning Document #3 For its third chapter LCA4Regions traveled to Satakunta (FI). PDF (1.05MB) Download Press releases & media appereances Copy Link Press release TLJ#3 in Satakunta Material flow analysis and social LCA should be further explored to put sustainability in the focus of regional policies - Press release TLJ#3 (23/10/2020) PDF (285.35KB) Download 50 years ago we knew what will happen to us Lithuanian article translated to English below. Sustainability Expert on a Destructive Planet and Politicians' Indifference PDF (357.83KB) Download Biuroprasowe.pl - Lodzkie LCA4Regions in Lodzkie Region PDF (247.83KB) Download The adventure of LCA4Regions begins in Lithuania First Transnational Learning Journey: the genesis of an ambitious project. PDF (217.54KB) Download Diario de Navarra - Lanzamiento LCA4Regions https://www.diariodenavarra.es/noticias/negocios/dn-management/2019/10/05/proyecto-liderado-navarra-fomenta-economia-circular-666717-2541.html PDF (151.96KB) Download Kick-of meeting in Brussels https://mailchi.mp/acrplus/lca4regions_kick_off-764321?e=d94338fbc1 PDF (292.87KB) Download Zaliasis Pasaulis - The Green World Environmental impacts announced 50 years ago PDF (621.01KB) Download The adventure continues in (virtual) Navarre An inspiring exchange of experiences on the LCA concept and resource-efficiency. PDF (341.10KB) Download Regional events presentations Copy Link LCA4Region presentation in Navarra A regional dissemination event was carried out in Navarra to present the LCA4Regions proyect and encourage stakeholders to colaborate with it. PDF (1.19MB) Download Sign up for the LCA4Regions newsletter Subscribe now LCA4Regions answers you Interested in LCA? You can contact us for information [email protected] LCA4Regions: to make a long story short LCA4Regions leaflet is meant to guide you throughout the different steps of our journey. Get on board! Download LCA4Regions leaflet "What goes around comes around..." The LCA4Regions newsletter Life Cycle Catalyst #3 is online! Read Life Cycle Catalyst #3! Tweets by LCA4Regions