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The Secretary for Energy, Environment and Tourism of the Azorean Government inaugurates a fast charging station for electric vehicles in Ponta Delgada
Type: Project
The workshop focused on support for digitalization and used SWOT-methodology for process and documentation as well as identifying best practices.
Type: Project
Take a look at the replay of the webinar on the impacts of transport electrification on the electricity grid take took place on 10 December.
Type: Platform
On February 19 2020, a delegation of the Directorate-General for Energy of the EC visited the energy heart of Bulgaria - Stara Zagora Region.
Type: Project
CircPro Italian partners, Regione Piemonte and University of Torino, organised and hosted the 5th Regional Stakeholders Group on the 26th November 2020.
Type: Project
Take part in a public consultation on EU funds in the area of cohesion. Fill in the questionnaire by 8 March 2018.
Type: Other
Imagine a place where climate change, healthy population,
Type: Project
The entrepreneurship of young people has numerous dimensions. What’s more, this entrepreneurship is accompanied by a number of challenges, especially in rural...
Type: Project
The second SPIA meeting of the InterregEurope project "STEPHANIE" in North Rhine-Westphalia provided a lot of input for future action plans.
Type: Project
Maramures County is actively involved in valorising at regional and interregional level, the experiences and the lessons learned within the FC4EU project
Type: Project