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Each month a person from the WaVE partnership introduce his / her emotional relationship to water-linked heritage trough one or more picture. Enjoy!
Type: Project
Micro-computer charity foundation has launched the donation program to buy and roll-out more than 27000 “BBC micro:bits” to Lithuanian kids.
Type: Project
Landfill methane (CH4) is microbially oxidized to carbon dioxide. Thereby, the risk of explosion and the emissions of the greenhouse gas CH4 are reduced.
Location: Zuid-Holland, Netherlands (Nederland)
Project: COCOON
“Ma Rénov” provides technical and financial support to homeowners and stimulates the market by connecting banks and contractors with homeowners.
Location: Aquitaine, France
Project: VIOLET
Project development assistance as a financial instrument that supports primarily public sector investors by bridging the gap between project idea and finance.
Location: Kontinentalna Hrvatska, Croatia (Hrvatska)
Project: BUILD2LC
The main stakeholders of this concept are the county administration as the contracting body of the services as well as the bus operators as the service provider
Location: Thüringen, Germany (Deutschland)
Project: OptiTrans
CERN incubators in Lithuania aim to assist start-ups and SMEs to implement innovative technologies and expertise developed at CERN into disruptive products.
Location: Lietuva, Lithuania (Lietuva)
The experience of Province of Brescia in cooperation with Lombardy Region for the definition of preliminary action plan
Type: Project
The Development Agency of Eastern Thessaloniki’s local Authorities –ANATOLIKI SA organises its Import Workshop on 27th April.
Type: Project
Local Stakeholder Meeting to go ahead with actions’ definition to improve the use of ERDF to conserve the natural heritage in Catalonia
Type: Project