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CLUSTERIX 2.0 - New Models of Innovation for Strategic Cluster...

Lead Partner: ecoplus. The Business Agency of Lower Austria

ClusteriX 2.0 is a project financed under the Interreg Europe programme that addresses the improvement of regional innovation policies by making better use of clusters. Over decades clusters have proven to be efficient policy instruments enabling...

ClusterFY - Fostering Clusters’ Interregional Collaboration and...

Lead Partner: Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA)

ClusterFY aims to improve regional and national policy instruments seeking to intensify Key Enabling Technologies (KET's)-related clusterization processes, as well as fostering interregional cooperation between and among clusters and business...

CLUSTERS3 - Leveraging Cluster Policies for successful...

Lead Partner: SPRI - Basque Business Development Agency (until 12/11/2018, SPRI - Society for...

Project background - WHY? Regional authorities across Europe are aware of the challenges and issues regarding SMEs dimension. And they know the importance of the contribution that can be expected from competent cluster organisations supported by a...

Maya Evtimova

Seafarers’ professional development cluster

Interested in: Joining a project, Networking with peers

Monika Konarzewska

Upper Silesian Agency for Entrepreneurship and Development Ltd. GAPR

Interested in: Joining a project, Networking with peers

Dimitar Hristov

Cluster Sofia Knowledge City

Interested in: Leading a project, Joining a project, Sharing a project idea, Networking with peers

Tiziana Dell'Olmo

Regione Piemonte

Interested in: Networking with peers

Cluj-sterix 2.0


The CLUSTERIX 2.0 presence at the Open Innovation 2.0 Conference in Cluj, Romania, on 13-14 June...

Type: Project

Interreg Shaping Ireland’s RIS3 / Cluster Agenda


Evaluating the potential for diversification & economic growth through RIS3 and industry clusters,...

Type: Project

Second Interregional Workshop of CLUSTERS3 project


The Second Interregional Workshop of CLUSTERS3 project took place in Turin on 19-20 October. The...

Type: Project