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Using a landfill area after closure of a landfill for a Waste...

Summary: A compaction and reloading station for waste, using the infrastructure of a former landfill, helps to reduce waste volume and optimizes transport logistics.

Location: Brandenburg, Germany (Deutschland)

Brandenburg policy: Remediation of closed landfills with small...

Summary: Brandenburg police to remediate small landfills in a rural area, ruled by the “Guideline for closing measures of landfills with low risk potential”, from 1994.

Location: Brandenburg,


Contacts VITO n.v. (until 31-12-2017 vzw i-Cleantech Vlaanderen - innovatie in cleantech) Lead partner Belgium (Belgique-België) Cleantech Flanders accelerates the implementation of cleantech at companies and organisations by co-creation,...


Project Events Sort results by Newest first Oldest first Webinar on ‘Biogas from organic wastes’ 15/05/2020 The Interreg Platform will organise a webinar to highlight the benefits for... Type: Project Fifth Enhanced Landfill Mining Symposium (ELFM...

Belgium (Belgique-België)

Belgium (Belgique-België) Scroll down for information about the bodies responsible for Structural Funds programmes and about the first level control or ask directly Interreg Europe representative in Belgium (Belgique-België). Wallonie Alice Joseph...


Project News Sort results by Newest first Oldest first COCOON in the news 05/05/2020 COCOON and it’s practices featured in media. Type: Project Good Practice Handbook 23/12/2019 This handbook provides good practices in management of landfills...

Germany (Deutschland)

Germany (Deutschland) Display Project Ideas Display Events Display Projects Country-specific information First level control information Publications in German First level control information The system Germany has chosen a decentralised first level...

German Legislation: Requierments for Longterm Storage of Waste

Summary: Technical requirements for long-term storage of waste are identical to the ones for landfills. This minimizes the risk of hazards.

Location: Brandenburg, Germany (Deutschland)

Landfill remediation by excavation – Case Treuenbrietzen

Summary: A closed landfill, Treuenbrietzen was remediated by excavation of the landfill body and transfer of the waste to other landfills.

Location: Brandenburg, Germany (Deutschland)

Waste Management on operational landfills: German Legislation and...

Summary: In order to avoid chemical reactions within the landfill body and to assure structural stability, several criteria are set for the waste quality and disposal.

Location: Brandenburg,