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Rejects of municipal waste pretreatment process undergoes aerobic fermentation before landfilling in order to improve landfill management in long term
Location: Andalucía, Spain (España)
Project: COCOON
Surface capping and basal liners have to meet defined technical standards. The monitoring of the installed quality is defined in the quality management plan.
Location: Brandenburg, Germany (Deutschland)
Project: COCOON
Groundwater Monitoring (GM) is the crucial element of landfill supervisory measures. The German Guideline WÜ98 defines the mandatory scope of GM.
Location: Brandenburg, Germany (Deutschland)
Project: COCOON
Project results Insight into the policy changes and results of Interreg Europe projects and their interregional cooperation. We are proud to present an overview of the results interregional cooperation brings.See key numbers about our results Look at the map of involvement of regions in Interreg Europe Discover a few stories of policy changes Regional policy making made more efficient Our projects have been very active. By mid-February 2021, they: Held over 10,400 policy learning events;Identified more than 3,576 good practices. Over 2,000 of them are in our good practice database.Over 12,600 people engaged in the projects feel that their professional capacity increased thanks to the project activities.And 138 projects from the first three calls finalised their phase 1 and developed 916 action plans for their regions.See all our facts and figures Policy learning activities bring results So far, our projects have influenced over 500 policy instruments, including 297 Structural Funds operational programmes. We estimate that the financial impact of this influence is 935 MEUR in total (810 MEUR from Structural Funds). That’s more than our own budget (359 MEUR). This funding has been allocated in the regions to finance activities inspired by the projects' exchange of experience. These results also show that Interreg Europe directly contributes to a more efficient implementation of the Cohesion Policy. Why? Because investment in solutions tried and tested in other corners of Europe saves time of regional policymakers. It makes the use of the financial resources available in their regions more efficient. Download a detailed list of the policy changes All regions can benefit Close to 90% of NUTS 2 regions from all eligible countries are involved in our cooperation projects. Click on the map to see how many partners come from your region. Download this map with a full list of projects. Or check out all our maps of involvement by topic. Is your region not involved yet? Apply for a peer review through the Policy Learning Platform. Success stories about policy changes Click through the topics and read a brief summary of the selected project results. You may also want to:Scroll through our new publication about the latest programme achievements and 30 stories about policy changes from 30 projects in 30 countriesExplore our web documentary and find out what happens when people work together Research & innovation SME competitiveness Low-carbon economy Environment Research & innovation Research and innovation BRIDGES identified a good practice from Greece, the Autodiagnostic tool for agro-SMEs. The Poland's Lubelskie region used the tool to offer a special support to 63 companies to boost their innovation. You can read about the actions planned in all partner regions inspired by the project.[Jun 2020] HoCare brought more independence to elderly people in Cyprus thanks to telemedicine. A good practice from Slovenia inspired the Cypriot health providers to set up telecare services in their hospitals. The Ministry of Health mobilised EUR 400,000 of Structural funds for it. Read more[Jun 2020] ClusterFY has developed joint policy recommendations on cluster policy development, key enabling technologies and cluster internationalisation issues. They were also mentioned as a good example in the European Cluster Policy Forum paper. Read more [Nov 2019]ERUDITE used a new methodology to create digital services. They set up Fab Labs in Slovenia to help people develop new products and a Digital Hub in Ireland for capacity building, to create new jobs and startups, and support existing companies. Find out more[Nov 2019]Islands of Innovation influenced the ERDF Operational Programme in Fryslân, started funding new innovation projects on the Wadden islands, and developed a new pilot project with the help of EUR 25,000 from the Managing Authority. Read more [Nov 2019]RESET influenced the UK's Innovation Strategy and gained £5.4 million in fuding for a new project called the Future Fashion Factory. They also obtained £400,000 to develop new skills and move to a circular economy. Find out more[Nov 2019] INKREASE influenced the Austrian ERDF Investment in Growth and Jobs Programme, the measure on clusters/networks and location management. The CRAFT good practice from Brittany inspired the Lower Austrian Government to invest EUR 351,000 in a project called House of Digitalization. The aim is to develop a virtual one-stop shop to help in digitalization of SMEs. [Oct 2019] SME competitiveness Competitiveness of SMEs RCIA helped creative industry SMEs in Wallonia, Belgium, with a new incubator inspired by Riga’s CCI and Barcelona’s 3D incubators. The incubator provides SMEs with a portfolio of services, including access to the leaders in their field. The Public Service of Wallonia mobilised EUR 255,000 of the regional Structural Funds to set it up. [Jun 2020] Thanks to TRINNO, traditional sector SMEs in Slovenia have a voucher scheme to develop products and services using digital tools. Ideas from Ireland helped to set up the new scheme and simplify the innovation support. The national OP has distributed MEUR 3.58 in vouchers. [Jun 2020] The Spanish partner from Pure Comos was inspired by their German partner to include a financial advice service in their one-stop-shop system in order to increase the services to entreprises and entrepreneurs. Read more [Nov 2019] ESSPO influenced the ERDF Operational Programme in Wielkopolska region, Poland. They contributed to the design of a new instrument for the incubation of start ups in an open call. Find out more [Nov 2019]iEER influenced the ERDF Operational Programme in Southern Finland. Support to young entrepreneurs and the development of an entrepreneurship ecosystem are now a priority when putting out calls for proposals. Find out more [Nov 2019]RaiSE influenced the regional development strategy in Öbero, Sweden and now sees social enterprises as contributing to economic growth and doing something really meaningful for people in dire situations. Find out more[Nov 2019]ATM for SMEs influenced their Regional Operational Programme in Poland. Inspired by practices in microfinance for SMEs from Italy and Hungary, the Marshal Office of Świętokrzyskie decided to invest MEUR 7.5 in two projects to help the start-up enterprises in the region with new financial instruments such as loans or seed capital investments. Read more [Oct 2019] Low-carbon economy Low-carbon economy In SUPPORT project, the Energy Agency in Rhineland-Palatinate developed a project KomBiReK - Municipal greenhouse gas balancing and regional climate protection portals, inspired by a good practice from Romania. It will make energy balances more accessible and involve people in the climate protection. The project got EUR 550,400 from the regional OP[Jun 2020] RESOLVE helped the City of Roermond improve the mobility policy with several sustainable transport solutions: a bike-sharing system inspired by Rotterdam, a tour guide with retail commercials following ideas from Sweden,and a roadmap towards a coherent mobility policy inspired by ideas from the UK.[Jun 2020] The Italian partner of REGIO-MOB was inspired by the park and ride scheme in Lubljana. They launched a call for proposals in the Lazio region, which allowed the city of Rome to get MEUR 20 to develop their own park and ride solution. Find out more[Dec 2019]FINERPOL influenced the ERDF Operational Programme in Extremadura, Spain. By identifying the right type of financial instrument during their cooperation project, the Spanish partner managed to integrate financial instruments like guarantee funds in their region. Read more[Dec 2019]LAST MILE integrated a flexible transport system in Varna's regional plan and Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. As a result, they helped create 25 new green jobs and launched seasonal electric minibus lines to tourist destinations. Find out more[Nov 2019]SET-UP helped to fine-tune two calls for proposals of the ERDF Operational Programme of Brittany, France, on the energy storage and conversion and on the collective self-consumption projects. Thanks to seeing actual cases of storage system use in other SET-UP partner regions, the energy conversion became a criterion for eligibility in one of the calls. Find out more[Oct 2019] Environment Environment CD-ETA helped the State Agency Archives Pleven digitise the negatives of old photographs in their possession, following good practices from Spain. Now they present the new images to the public and let people in the Pleven region and entire Bulgaria discover more of their history.[Jun 2020] BID-REX influenced the Catalan Strategy of Biodiversity which identifies the region's nature conservation priorities. One of their actions was to build a multi-source biodiversity information database. Find out more[Dec 2019]PERFECT influenced the Operation Programme in Bratislava that supports sustainable and efficient use of natural resources in the region. They launched a call for projects to help the region adapt to the adverse effects of climate change and foster green infrastructure. Find out more [Nov 2019]  Resource efficiency Thanks to COCOON, landfills in Spain's Andalusia region will soon provide their towns with a new land, safely recovered in novel ways following ideas from Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. MEUR 2.36 from the Structural Funds make better landfill management in the region possible. [Jun 2020] INTHERWASTE influenced the ERDF Operational Programme in Andalusia to help with the collection, separation and treatment of waste in their historic region. They obtained 86,664 EUR from the regional government to fund a study of municipate waste collection models. Find out more[Nov 2019]BIOREGIO influenced the Finnish Sustainable growth and jobs programme. Partners' good practices and site visits inspired a project Kiertoliike and shaped its focus on bio-based content and the development of bioenergy solution in the Päijät-Häme region. The Finnish programme allocated EUR 995 450 for the project. Find out more[Oct 2019] 30 stories from 30 countries Read about our latest achievements and discover 30 stories about policy changes from 30 projects in 30 countries. Discover our publication When people work together solutions come easily Delve deeper into the stories of four of our projects. What did they achieve? How did they do it? Where did their inspiration come from? Explore our web documentary Effects of interregional cooperation Have a look at 20 stories about policy changes and their effects in regions participating in INTERREG IVC interregional cooperation projects (2007-2014). Check results from previous programme Project database Browse the largest database of cross-border, transnational and interregional cooperation programmes in the European Union. Search Sign up for the Interreg Europe newsletter Subscribe now! Get inspired Discover our already approved projects and other cooperation opportunities Interreg Europe offers. Discover projects Enter the world of 258 interregional cooperation projects approved by the programme. Explore the policy learning and change taking place in each of the four themes. Discover now Discover our Policy Learning Platform The platform is a space for continuous learning where the policy-making community in Europe can tap into the know-how of experts and peers. Check the services the Policy Learning Platform offers! Learn more
Networking area Interreg Europe corner During the event you have an opportunity to meet people from the joint secretariat, ask questions and get feedback. Meet the joint secretariat If you have any questions on project development, your application or the programme, the Interreg Europe team will be there to answer. Prepare a question and book your 10-minute slot on the spot during the event. This service is available only during the coffee breaks. Get feedback on your project idea Receive individual feedback on your project idea. Officers from the Interreg Europe team are ready to discuss your project idea and application. If you submitted your project idea online and booked a time-slot, you'll get a detailed 40-minute consultation. Networking tables Find partners or join projects! We have ten tables for you to present your project idea, network with people interested in similar topics, open and join discussions and find potential partners and projects. Check the networking schedule and join a group on the spot (no registration required). Or suggest your own topic for discussion by booking a table. There are 10 tables for 8 people each available at the networking area. Check the schedule and book your table here Campfire discussions Get together in an informal setting to discuss an interesting topic related to Interreg Europe or project development. Meet the hosts from among you who suggested four different topics to discuss: 22 March11:00-11:30 - ZEROCO2 and COCOON partners discuss their experience in preparing and running projects on low carbon economy and on resource efficiency.13:30-14:00 - FoodChains 4 EU partner invites for a discussion on the innovation process in the food chain.15:30-16:00 - Region of Umbria (Italy), shares experience of a managing authority in getting involved in project activities, engaging local stakeholders and reporting activities and results.23 March 10:45-11:15 - ATMO France hosts a discussion about the monitoring system of air quality and their expertise at the national and regional level. Library and film corner Take a moment to sit down and watch some inspiring videos or browse interesting publications. Our library corner with both online and paper library as well as video area give you an opportunity to share your own materials and get inspired by what others have done. If you have an interesting publication, video or other material related to one of our for topics (Research and innovation, SME competitiveness, Low-carbon economy, and Environment and resource efficiency), share the link with us and we will add it into the online library. Book a table Whether you are looking for partners or searching a project to join, you can book a table and start your own 30-minute discussion. Book a table Browse the online library Have a look at brochures, policy briefs and other material related to the four topics of our programme. Visit the library
Join us on 2 March for an interactive webinar on how you can create regional opportunities through landfill rehabilitation.
Type: Platform