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BIOREGIO at the National R&D Institute for Industrial Ecology, Bucharest, Romania
Type: Project
20/10/2020 - 22/10/2020
The EU Green Week will be organised on 20-22 October 2020. The event will focus on the theme of nature and biodiversity.
Type: Other
Pilot action 09/09/2019 the pilot action of BRIDGES project Type: Project Action plans 09/11/2018 Approved and signed action plans of the BRIDGES project regions Type: Project BRIDGES learning proccess 27/11/2018 Policy learning in BRIDGES Type: Project Strengthening RIS3 09/11/2018 Strengthening the effectiveness of RIS3 in regions Type: Project Capitalisation reports 24/10/2018 Reports on innovation maps and good practice collection Type: Project 8th interregional meeting in... 22/08/2018 agenda, presentations, photos Type: Project 5th interregional meeting in... 03/01/2018 21-23 November 2017 in Kozani we held the 5th interregional project meeting Type: Project ICEIRD 2017 01/09/2017 concept note & presentation Type: Project Bridges and Lagging Regions 20/07/2017 joint contribution to the UIIN conference Type: Project Helsinki, 4th interregional... 13/06/2017 presentations and photos from the meeting Type: Project Participation in events 16/11/2016 presentations and contributions from events Type: Project BRIDGES promotional materials 19/04/2017 This folder contains project newsletters and publication Type: Project Appearances in media 29/03/2017 Project publications in media Type: Project Bridges good practices 16/11/2016 good practice description, summary, evaluation Type: Project 2nd interregional meeting in... 17/11/2016 presentations contributions, photos from the second BRIDGES meeting in Burgos... Type: Project kick-off in Ljubljana 14/11/2016 presentations, minutes, photos from the first Bridges meeting in Ljubljana. Type: Project BRIDGES videos 19/04/2018 project videos, interviews Type: Project 7th interregional meeting in... 14/06/2018 BRIDGES interregional policy learning session in Munich Type: Project Innovation maps 09/11/2018 Key issues in the innovation maps Type: Project mid-term conference 12/03/2019 BRIDGES mid-term conference in Budapest Type: Project Articles 21/08/2020 bridges articles Type: Project BRIDGES closing conference 01/12/2020 closing event 10 December 2020 Type: Project See all Library Items Pilot action Copy Link kick-off meeting presentation from kick-off PDF (342.60KB) Download Action plans Copy Link action plan PP6 action plan of Goriska Region PDF (5.28MB) Download action plan of PP7 action plan of Western Transdanubia PDF (711.74KB) Download action plan PP1/PP2 action plan of Kainuu PDF (2.52MB) Download action plan of PP3 action plan of Lubelskie PDF (2.41MB) Download action plan of PP5 action plan of Western Macedonia PDF (3.36MB) Download action plan of PP4 action plan of Helsinki Uusimaa PDF (1.04MB) Download BRIDGES learning proccess Copy Link steep learning curvemap 1 steep learning curvemap 2 BRIDGES Story telling reference to story telling in PR6 PDF (211.17KB) Download 6th PR attachment attachment to 6 PR PDF (143.65KB) Download RSG meeting RSG in Kainuu PDF (3.49MB) Download presentation- RSG Kainuu presentation Finnish-Kainuu PDF (3.15MB) Download Strengthening RIS3 Copy Link the concept of PP4Helsinki Uusimaa Region the concept of PP1/PP2Kainnun Etu & Kainuu Region the concept of PP3Lubelskie Voivodeship Capitalisation reports Copy Link innovation maps report capitalisation report on innovation maps PDF (1.09MB) Download GPs capitalisation report report on good practice collection PDF (1.32MB) Download 8th interregional meeting in Helsinki Copy Link Helsinkiphoto9 meeting agenda the agenda of the 8th IPL PDF (544.57KB) Download Progress, insights,implications presentation of the lead partner PDF (457.00KB) Download Helsinkiphoto1 Helsinkiphoto2 Helsinkiphoto3 Helsinkiphoto4 Helsinkiphoto5 Helsinkiphoto6 Helsinkiphoto7 Helsinkiphoto8 5th interregional meeting in Kozani, Greece Copy Link image5advisory team presentation action plan formulation & endorsement PDF (1.13MB) Download presentation Interregional Working Group 2 session PDF (736.63KB) Download presentation meeting background PDF (1.33MB) Download image1partnership image2external experts image3peer review image4peer review ICEIRD 2017 Copy Link presentation presentation from the conference PDF (1.18MB) Download concept note Bridges concept note PDF (480.82KB) Download Bridges and Lagging Regions Copy Link article joint paper of Bridges and Lagging Regions PDF (1.08MB) Download presentation University to Industry Interactions Conference PDF (1.57MB) Download Helsinki, 4th interregional meeting, 7-8 June 2017 Copy Link Univeristy of Oulu, Juoko Käsmä Current efforts in Finland to bring research results closer to the market PDF (916.43KB) Download Juan Carlos Martinez, CEEI Burgos good practice theme 1:industry-led center of competence PDF (647.40KB) Download Juan Carlos Martinez, CEEI Burgos University - Industry Ineraction PDF (371.88KB) Download Kari Sinivuori, University of Helsinki Helsinki Innovation Center PDF (1.83MB) Download Tom Warras, TEKES Innovation connectivities – Eureka and Eurostars as examples PDF (1.57MB) Download Elwira Rycaj, Lubelskie Voivodeship Concept for a photonics centre in Lubelskie PDF (0.96MB) Download Christine Chang, Elina Lomperi, Helsinki-Uusimaa Preparing for action plan Uusimaa PDF (1.07MB) Download Miro Kristan, Soca Valley Development Centre State of play of the research-to- regional innovation system connectivity in SVDC area PDF (1.56MB) Download Adrienn Nemeth, Pannon Business Network Achievements and next steps PDF (868.35KB) Download Jouni Ponnikas Council of Kainuu PP2 Defining the action plan PDF (659.52KB) Download ANKO Towards an applicable Action Plan for BRIDGES project in W. Macedonia Region PDF (443.67KB) Download OSKE Mr. Lauri Kuukasjärvi, M.Sc PDF (3.11MB) Download Helsinkiphotos from the meeting Helsinkiphotos from the meeting Helsinkiphotos from the meeting Helsinkiphotos from the meeting Helsinkiphotos from the meeting Helsinkiphotos from the meeting Helsinkiphotos from the meeting Participation in events Copy Link BERRY + platform methodology presentation from the Policy Learning Platform meeting PDF (524.58KB) Download First SMARTER conference presentation presentation PDF (409.15KB) Download First SMARTER conference in Seville Contribution to the 1st SMARTER conference Seville, September 28th - 30th 2016 PDF (628.51KB) Download ERRIN meeting, September 2016 presentation by Jouni Punnikas PDF (453.92KB) Download BRIDGES on ICEIRD2017 10th International Conference for Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Regional Development PDF (480.82KB) Download Interreg Day _Budapest presentation of PP7 PDF (2.22MB) Download policy learning platform event in Milan presentation by Lead Partner PDF (1.06MB) Download conference agenda Techno and InnoCamp - "Smart Service" conference PDF (914.32KB) Download presentation JRC conference_Debrecen PDF (422.76KB) Download WATIFY - AGRITECH_ Toscana presentation of Thomas Bartzanas PDF (974.88KB) Download WATIFY - AGRITECH_ Toscana agenda of the conference PDF (93.02KB) Download IE Policy Learning Platform event in Sofia summary of the workshop PDF (502.46KB) Download Joint Research Center workshop presentation by lead partner PDF (398.50KB) Download triple helix Conference agenda PDF (442.47KB) Download Triple helix Conference presentation PDF (257.67KB) Download triple helix Conference summary of the article PDF (319.62KB) Download BRIDGES promotional materials Copy Link newsletter 3 BRIDGES 3rd newsletter PDF (583.00KB) Download newsletter 2 project newsletter PDF (562.39KB) Download newsletter 1 Bridges newsletter PDF (702.65KB) Download Appearances in media Copy Link Article online_PP5 press article _PP1 article in the press_Kainnun Etu PDF (1.40MB) Download online article_PP5 online article_PP5 online article_PP5 online article_Greece online article_Greece Bridges good practices Copy Link first round of good practice collection_summary summary prepared by PP9_CERTH PDF (255.02KB) Download 2nd interregional meeting in Burgos Copy Link Burgos photosphoto9 presentation PP1 presenation of Kaniuun Etu OY PDF (384.60KB) Download presentation PP9 presenatation of CERTH on project good practices PDF (960.64KB) Download presentation PP8 CEEI Burgos presentation of CEEI Burgos on International Working Group 1 PDF (365.92KB) Download presentation PP7 presentation of Pannon Business Network PDF (310.06KB) Download presentation PP3 presentation on communication &dissemination PDF (489.59KB) Download presentation PP4 presenatation on bioeconomy mapping in Helsinki Uusimaa region PDF (713.77KB) Download presentation PP5 business mapping in Western Macedonia Greece PDF (815.89KB) Download presentation PP4 presentation of regional partner Helsinki Uusimaa region PDF (195.41KB) Download presentation PP6 presentation of Soca Valley development Centre PDF (364.62KB) Download presentation PP2 presentation of Regional Council of Kainuu PDF (357.03KB) Download presentation PP3 presentation of Lubelskie Voivodeship PDF (1.07MB) Download presentation of PP2 mapping the innovation potential in Kainuu PDF (2.11MB) Download presentation PP5 Mapping and understanding the innovation potential of bio-economy businesses _Western Macedonia PDF (373.62KB) Download Burgos photosphoto1 Burgos photosphoto2 Burgos photosphoto3 Burgos photosphoto4 Burgos photosphoto5 Burgos photosphoto6 Burgos photosphoto7 Burgos photosphoto7 Burgos photosphoto8 kick-off in Ljubljana Copy Link Bridges project About the project PDF (1.60MB) Download presentation_Lubelskie Voivodeship presenation_PP3 PDF (935.33KB) Download presentation_Helsinki Uusimaa Region presentation_PP4 PDF (809.73KB) Download presentation_Regional Council of Kainuu presentation PP2 PDF (648.11KB) Download presentation_ANKO presentation_PP5 PDF (717.53KB) Download presentation_Soca Valley Development Centre presentation_PP6 PDF (2.16MB) Download presentation_Pannon Business Network Association presentation_ National Research, Development and Innovation Office, RIS3 _Hungary PDF (675.84KB) Download presentaion_CEEI Burgos; CERTH / IRETETH presentation_-IWG 1/ good practice theme 1 PDF (412.21KB) Download presentation_Wageningen UR;CERTH/IRETETH presentation_IWG2 / good practice theme 3 PDF (1.35MB) Download communication and dissemination communication and dissemination _PP3 PDF (677.84KB) Download photo 8Lubljana photo 1Lubljana photo 2Lubljana photo 3Lubljana photo 4Lubljana photo 5Lubljana photo 6Lubljana photo 7Lubljana minutes minutes from the 1st interregional meeting in Ljubljana PDF (769.11KB) Download Forest Bioeconomy in Kainuu Region The Finnish Forest Centre PDF (8.27MB) Download BRIDGES videos Copy Link Interview from Kozani meeting-PP3Interview with MA of Lubelskie Interview from Kozani meeting-PP1&PP2 Interview with Kainuun Etu and Regional Council of Kainuu Interview from Kozani meeting-PP4Interview with Hesinki Uusimaa Regional Council Interview from Kozani meeting-PP7Pannon Business Network Interview from Kozani meeting-PP5Regional Development Agency ANKO Interview from Kozani meeting-PP6Soca Valley Development Center Interview from Kozani meeting-PP8&PP9CERTH & CEEI Burgos 7th interregional meeting in Munich Copy Link PP8&PP9 presentation presentation of CEEI Burgos&CETRH PDF (219.28KB) Download PP1PP1 presentation PP1PP1 partnerspartners PP2PP2 presentation PP3PP3 presentation PP4PP4 presentation PP4PP4 presenation PP5PP5 presentation PP7PP7 presenation PP8PP8 presentation PP9PP9 presentation PP1 presentation presentation of Kainuun Etu Oy PDF (224.22KB) Download PP2 presentation presentation of Kainuu Region PDF (551.32KB) Download PP3 presentation presentation of Lubelskie PDF (196.70KB) Download PP4 presentation presentation of Helsinki Uusimaa PDF (276.74KB) Download PP5 presentation presentation of ANKO PDF (285.76KB) Download PP7 presentation presentation of PBN PDF (239.45KB) Download Innovation maps Copy Link innovation maps image2 innovation mapsimage1 mid-term conference Copy Link agenda agenda, Budapest PDF (64.12KB) Download Articles Copy Link refeences to article Reflection from the BRIDGES project experience PDF (144.00KB) Download BRIDGES closing conference Copy Link agenda agenda of the conference PDF (4.96MB) Download agenda agenda of the closing conference PDF (4.31MB) Download BRIDGES videos and interviews Videos and interviews from the BRIDGES peer review in Helsinki Interviews BRIDGES newsletter Regions share experiences from interregional cooperation Enjoy reading BRIDGES second brochure The new brochure gives a quick overview about project achievements in each partner region Enjoy reading! (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "//"; js.async = true; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); BRIDGES Tweets by BRIDGES
A roundtable entitled: 'Shared Pilot Facilities: the experience of European SmartPilots' was held today at the IFIB 2017 conference in Rome.
Type: Project
S3Chem partners come together in Warsaw to discuss results of their 5th thematic analysis and to organize a site visit to Plock.
Type: Project
Which bio-economy for Piedmont Region? New scenarios and perspectives
Type: Project
BIOREGIO - Bio-based Circular Economy Action Plan implementation and monitoring from Finland.
Type: Project
Regular meeting of local stakeholder group (LSG) was organised to inform about the possibilities of biomass processing in innovative high value-added products.
Type: Project
TRIS contributed to the success of the 2018 edition of Research2Business 2018, held on June 7-8 in Bologna
Type: Project
Natural resources are a long term guarantee for environmental sustainability and this fact is even more important in various protected areas.
Type: Project