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"Toques and Porcelaine" was an event organised by the city of Limoges, between the gastronomy and the tableware.
Type: Project
Discover the storytelling video of the ECOWASTE 4 FOOD project
Type: Project
3rd Thematic Workshop 'Heritage Interpretation Facilities for Sustainable Cultural Tourism' with study visits held in Sibiu, Romania
Type: Project
The Kraków Technology Park – the most complete one-stop-shop for business operating in Poland and one of the best places in Małopolska to start your business.
Type: Project
Aerial technologies for Ecosystem Services
Type: Project
Energap held a remote Study Visit on their Good Practice 'Education and Information Campaign for Schools and Kindergartens.'
Type: Project
An involving insight on what SPEED UP project is about: learn from successful experiences and give support to business ecosystems in our regions
Type: Project
Film fund Pictanovo addresses relevant regulatory issues concerning European co-productions of animated films in In a second meeting with its stakeholders.
Type: Project
Carlotta Bonvicini, Councillor for sustainability policies of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia
Type: Project
Poland (Polska) Scroll down for information about the bodies responsible for Structural Funds programmes and about the first level control or ask directly Interreg Europe representative in Poland (Polska). Anna Stol +48 22 273 81 76 Send me an email Organisation Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy ul. Wspólna 2/4 Warszawa 00-926 Poland (Polska) View website × Contact Anna Sorry, there was an error submitting your enquiry. Please try again. Please check the recaptcha field below. Thank you, your message has been sent. Complete the form below to send Anna a message... First name: Last name: Email address: Message: Send Display Project Ideas Display Events Display Projects Country-specific information COVID-19 measures First level control information National guidance Programme documents in Polish COVID-19 measures Due to COVID -19 situation the FLC have been trying to adapt to the new circumstances as soon as possible. In order to ensure smooth Partner report’s verification and certification processes as well as taking into consideration partners’ inquires concerning alternative methods for reporting of expenditures in the projects implemented within Interreg Baltic Sea Region, Interreg Central Europe, Interreg Europe, URBACT III Programmes, we would like to inform you that we transfer all possible processes to the 'virtual world'. Please find below the instructions concerning new way of communication. The new procedure will be valid until further notice. 1. Only the cover letter containing information such as the programme, acronym of the project, reporting period and contacts addresses - should be sent using the ePUAP program to a CPE box dedicated to First Level Control (FLC) 2. The address is: /CPE_Warszawa/kontrola 4. Sending a letter starts administrative control period. This means that it is equivalent to the date of receipt of the paper documents to the CPE. 5. This letter will be forwarded to your FLC controller. 6. The FLC controller will ask you to provide in electronic version only the documents which will be selected for the sample check. 7. Then, please provide an electronic version of the selected documents to your controller. There is no need to print out these documents and sign them "for compliance with the original". 8. Addresses of mailboxes dedicated to employees of the Control Department can be found at: 9. The certificate will be sent electronically. Additionally, we inform you that we launched an email inbox: [email protected] if it is not possible to send the Letter using the ePUAP program. In this case, however, we ask you not to duplicate sending the covers letters. A letter transmitted using the ePUAP program is sufficient. EXPLANATION: EPUAP is an electronic platform for public administration services. It is used for communication of citizens and entrepreneurs with offices.     Please, also check the new guidance for public tenders in the context of COVID-19.Komunikat dotyczący zawierania umowy o zamówienie publiczne - dotyczy polskich beneficjentów First level control information This section provides information on the system set up for first level control in your country. Any costs associated with this control are indicated so they can be planned for in any project budget. The system Poland has opted for a centralised first level control system. Expenditure of Polish project partners will thus have to be checked and confirmed by the following body: Center of European Projects Control Unit Domaniewska 39A str, 02-672 Warsaw, Poland Contact person:Miroslaw MarczewskiPhone: + 48 22 378 31 00Fax: + 48 22 201 97 25E-mail: [email protected] The costs The above-mentioned body will perform the first level control free of charge to Polish project partners. On-the-spot checks The first level control body will organise on-the-spot-checks on a sample basis using a risk-based approach. National guidance Due to the accrued delays in the implementation of the provisions of the Directive 2014/24/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 February 2014 on public procurement and repealing Directive 2004/18/EC as well as the Directive 2014/25/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 February 2014 on procurement by entities operating in the water, energy, transport and postal services sectors and repealing Directive 2004/17/EC to the Polish legal system and taking into account the principle of direct effect of directives, it is recommended, in order to avoid the risk of irregularities by Polish beneficiaries who carry public procurement procedures from 18 of April 2016, to apply one of the alternative  approaches:  a. Postpone to carry out the public procurement procedures until the implementation of the provisions of the directives to the Polish legal system. b. If it is not possible to postpone the launch of public procurement procedures, it is advised to follow the principles laid down in the Communication on the Directive 2014/24/EU and Directive 2014/25/EU of 26 February 2014, available on the website of The Polish Public Procurement Office at: (For public procurement procedures launched before 18 of April 2016 provisions of the current Public Procurement Law are binding, in the version valid on the date of launching a procurement)     Programme documents in Polish Below you can find translated to Polish:Interreg Europe Cooperation Programme 2014-2020Interreg Europe Programme Manual (latest version) Latest news from Poland (Polska) 14/05/2021 Polish Good Practice related to teh Covid crisis Liquidity grants for Small Businesses What kind of support did RRDA offer to support entrepreneurs from Podkarpackie Voivodeship? Type: Project 12/05/2021 Polish situation during Covid pandemic The Covid situation in Poland and  Podkarpackie Voivodeship How has entrepreneurship changed during the pandemic? Data collected by the Statistical Offic Type: Project 08/02/2021 15 Years of Interreg in Poland A new publication presents a selection of projects from all strands of Interreg present in Poland in the past 15 years. Type: Other 18/01/2021 Financial support for SMEs in Poland On 23 December 2020, the European Commission approved program for supporting Polish SMEs that meet financial problems because of COVID-19 pandemic. Type: Project 15/01/2021 BRIDGES: a favourite in our 30 stories publication We interviewed partners from the Lubelskie region in Poland to find out more about their project results in bioeconomy. Type: Programme 09/12/2020 The success of Polish Patform for startups Start in Podkarpackie with winning ideas! The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development received 60 applications in the sixth round of the competition "Sta... Type: Project 31/08/2020 Covid-19 tests from Polish startup Covid-19 pandemic still takes control over the whole world. Everyone try tofight the bad influence on the economy as well as they try to fight the virus itself.... Type: Project 07/05/2020 Rzeszów's reply to COVID-19 The region of Rzeszów has put in place a number of actions to support social enterprises in the current pandemic. Type: Project 05/05/2020 Polish action #DrukujemyDlaMedykow This is a charity event bringing together companies and individual volunteers aimed at the production of protective helmets for medical services. Such activity ... Type: Project 30/04/2020 Polish startups fighting with coronavirus Companies from the "Aeropolis" Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park have joined the fight against coronavirus. Helmets, among others, are produced near Rzes... Type: Project 22/11/2019 Designing new financial instruments for SMEs Find out about new financial instruments for SMEs developed thanks to interregional cooperation. Type: Programme 20/11/2019 Bringing innovation to SMEs thanks to cooperation Find out how can cooperation make the access to innovation for SMEs more efficient. Type: Programme 03/10/2018 Save the date: 10th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the... The 10th annual forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region takes place on 12-13 June 2019 in Gdansk, Poland. Type: Other 25/07/2016 Public procurement information for Polish partners Important update on the transposition of EU directives on public procurement into the Polish national law. Type: Programme 25/04/2016 Public procurement information for Polish partners EU directives on public procurement have not been transposed into the Polish national law yet. If you are a Polish partner, read more. Type: Programme Latest Projects REBUS Renovation for Energy efficient BUildingS Poland (Polska) BUILD2LC BOOSTING LOW CARBON INNOVATIVE BUILDING REHABILITATION IN EUROPEAN REGIONS Poland (Polska) REGIO-MOB Interregional Learning towards Sustainable Mobility in Europe: the REGIO-MOB... Poland (Polska) SKILLS+ Supporting knowledge capacity in ICT among SME to engage in growth and... Poland (Polska) SPEED UP Supporting Practices for Entrepreneurship Ecosystems in the Development of Urban... Poland (Polska) SIE SME Internationalisation Exchange Poland (Polska) SME ORGANICS Enhancing SME competitiveness and sustainability in the organic sector Poland (Polska) ESSPO Efficient support services portfolios for SMEs Poland (Polska) InnoBridge Bridging the innovation gap through converting R&D results into commercial... Poland (Polska) ATM for SMEs Access to Microfinance for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Poland (Polska) RATIO Regional Actions To Innovate Operational Programmes Poland (Polska) TITTAN Network for Technology, Innovation and Translation in Ageing. Poland (Polska) LAST MILE Sustainable mobility for the last mile in tourism regions Poland (Polska) NICHE Building innovative food value chains in regions Poland (Polska) Beyond EDP Improve the RIS3 effectiveness through the management of the entrepreneurial... Poland (Polska) RESET RESearch centers of Excellence in the Textile sector Poland (Polska) SYMBI Industrial Symbiosis for Regional Sustainable Growth and a Resource Efficient... Poland (Polska) SUPER Supporting eco-innovations towards international markets Poland (Polska) RESOLVE RESOLVE: sustainable mobility and the transition to a low-carbon retailing... Poland (Polska) S3Chem Smart Chemistry Specialisation Strategy Poland (Polska) CLUSTERS3 Leveraging Cluster Policies for successful implementation of RIS3 Poland (Polska) INTHERWASTE Interregional Environmental Integration of Waste Management in European Heritage... Poland (Polska) COMPETE IN Competitive territories through internationalisation: SMEs competitiveness in... Poland (Polska) P2L2 Public Policy Living Laboratory Poland (Polska) BRIDGES Bridging competence infrastructure gaps and speeding up growth and jobs delivery... Poland (Polska) iEER Boosting innovative Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Regions for young entrepreneurs... Poland (Polska) SOCIAL SEEDS Exploiting Potentials of Social Enterprises through Standardized European... Poland (Polska) MOLOC Low carbon urban morphologies Poland (Polska) RCIA Regional Creative Industries Alliance – From European recommendations to better... Poland (Polska) DEMO-EC DEvelopment of sustainable MObility management in European Cities Poland (Polska) RELOS3 From Regional to Local: Successful deployment of the Smart Specialization... Poland (Polska) CRinMA Cultural resources in the mountain areas Poland (Polska) Green Screen Greening the creative industries: improving policy practices for the European... Poland (Polska) EMPOWER More carbon reduction by dynamically monitoring energy efficiency Poland (Polska) FFWD EUROPE FAST FORWARD EUROPE Poland (Polska) School Chance SCHOOL mobility CHAllenge in regioNal poliCiEs Poland (Polska) ITHACA InnovaTion in Health And Care for All Poland (Polska) Design 4 Innovation Design for Innovation Poland (Polska) ECOWASTE 4 FOOD Supporting eco-innovation to reduce food waste and promote a better resource... Poland (Polska) ENERSELVES Policy instruments for energy self-consumption in buildings Poland (Polska) REBORN Embracing failure to encourage entrepreneurship and competitiveness Poland (Polska) ClusterFY Fostering Clusters’ Interregional Collaboration and Integration into... Poland (Polska) EIS Everywhere International SMEs Poland (Polska) ELISE European LIfe Science Ecosystems Poland (Polska) Innova Foster Fostering startup & innovation ecosystems in Europe Poland (Polska) STOB regions Succession and Transfer of Business in Regions Poland (Polska) CircE European regions toward Circular Economy Poland (Polska) REMIX Smart and Green Mining Regions of EU Poland (Polska) GPP4Growth Green public procurement for resource-efficient regional growth Poland (Polska) BIOGOV Celebrating Biodiversity Governance Poland (Polska) UL2L UrbanLinks 2 Landscape Poland (Polska) SARURE Save Rural Retail Poland (Polska) Medtech4 Europe Optimizing the impact of public policies in favour of research and innovation... Poland (Polska) InnovaSPA Innovative health solutions for thermal spa regions Poland (Polska) Digitourism Digitourism Poland (Polska) FINCH Financing impact on regional development of cultural heritage valorisation Poland (Polska) OUR WAY PreservatiOn and promotion of cUltural and natural heRitage through GreenWAYs Poland (Polska) KEEP ON Effective policies for durable and self-sustainable projects in the cultural... Poland (Polska) E-COOL Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Mindset in Young People through the... Poland (Polska) PE4Trans Public Engagement for Sustainable Public Transport Poland (Polska) SILVER SMEs Identification and Implementation of Regional Policies to take advantage of the... Poland (Polska) Agri Renaissance Innovation-driven agri-food sectors for a European industrial renaissance Poland (Polska) INNO PROVEMENT Translating Industry 4.0 to improved SME policy instruments targeting innovation Poland (Polska) ECO-CICLE European network for the promotion of cycle tourism in natural areas Poland (Polska) Cult-CreaTE Cultural and Creative Industries contribution to Cultural and Creative Tourism... Poland (Polska) Innova-FI Financial Instruments for Innovation Poland (Polska) ThreeT Thematic Trail Trigger Poland (Polska) SmartEdge Sustainable Metropolitan Areas and the Role of The Edge City Poland (Polska) Inno4Sports Sport for Growth and Healthy & Vital Communities Poland (Polska) OSS One Stop Shop towards competetive SMEs, focusing on the ecosystem for the first... Poland (Polska) EXTRA-SMEs Improving policies to boost SME competitiveness and extraversion in EU coastal... Poland (Polska) FIRESPOL Financial Instruments for Renewable Energy Investment Poland (Polska) DeCarb Supporting the clean energy transition of coal-intensive EU regions Poland (Polska) AQUARES Water reuse policies advancement for resource efficient European regions Poland (Polska) ALICE Animation League for Increased Cooperation in Europe Poland (Polska) POWERTY Renewable energies for vulnerable groups Poland (Polska) RENATUR Improving regional policies to better protect natural heritage of peri-urban... Poland (Polska) LINDANET European Network of Lindane waste affected regions working together towards a... Poland (Polska) REPLACE REgional PoLicy Actions for Circular Economy Poland (Polska) COHES3ION Integrating the territorial dimension for cohesive S3. Poland (Polska) 40Ready Strengthening SME capacity to engage in Industry 4.0 Poland (Polska) SCALE UP Supporting concentration and robustness of SMEs within the renewed EU industrial... Poland (Polska) EURE Effectiveness of Environmental Urban policies to improve Resources Efficiency Poland (Polska) BRESE Border Regions in Europe for Social Entrepreneurship Poland (Polska) LCA4Regions Improved Environment and Resource Efficiency through use of Life Cycle... Poland (Polska) AERIAL UPTAKE Removing barriers to the uptake of innovative Unmanned Aerial Systems in the EU Poland (Polska) EU CYCLE Cycling for development, growth and quality of life in European regions Poland (Polska) Next2Met Increasing attractiveness of Next2Met regions with soft digitalisation measures Poland (Polska) FOUNDATION Building Regional Resilience to Industrial Structural Change Poland (Polska) GRESS GREen Startup Support Poland (Polska) AgroRES Investing in Renewable Energies for Agriculture Poland (Polska) START EASY Smart tools for quick and easy business start-up in Europe: the once-only... Poland (Polska) 2050 CliMobCity 2050 Climate-friendly Mobility in Cities Poland (Polska) PASSPARTOOL Key tools to assess and improve soft innovation policies Poland (Polska) InnoHEIs Improving Research and Innovation Infrastructure Performance: from Fragmented to... Poland (Polska) RESINDUSTRY Policies for Renewable Energy Sources in industry Poland (Polska) S3UNICA Smart SpecialiSation UNIvercity CAmpus Poland (Polska) SMARTY Smart SMEs for Industry 4.0 Poland (Polska) SinCE-AFC Enchancing the Entrepreneurship of SMEs in Circular Economy of the Agri-Food... Poland (Polska) INTER VENTURES Policies to promote the internationalisation of SMEs for more competitive... Poland (Polska) Success Road Enhance the Competitiveness and Sustainability of European SMEs through... Poland (Polska) See all projects from Poland (Polska) setTimeout(function () { ;(function(root, factory) { if (typeof define === 'function' && define.amd) { define(['jquery'], factory); } else if (typeof exports === 'object') { module.exports = factory(require('jquery')); } else { root.jquery_dotdotdot_js = factory(root.jQuery); } }(this, function(jQuery) { /* * jQuery dotdotdot 3.0.5 * @requires jQuery 1.7.0 or later * * * * Copyright (c) Fred Heusschen * * * License: CC-BY-NC-4.0 * */ !function(t){"use strict";function e(){a=t(window),s={},r={},o={},t.each([s,r,o],function(t,e){e.add=function(t){t=t.split(" ");for(var n=0,i=t.length;ni)){t[n]=function(t,e){this.$dot=t,this.api=["getInstance","truncate","restore","destroy","watch","unwatch"],this.opts=e;var i=this.$;return i&&i.destroy(),this.init(),this.truncate(),,this},t[n].version=i,t[n].uniqueId=0,t[n].defaults={ellipsis:"… ",truncate:"word",tolerance:0,keep:null,watch:"window"},t[n].prototype={init:function(){this.watchTimeout=null,this.watchInterval=null,this.uniqueId=t[n].uniqueId++,this.originalContent=this.$dot.contents(),this.originalStyle=this.$dot.attr("style")||"",this.maxHeight=this._getMaxHeight()+this.opts.tolerance,"break-word"!==this.$dot.css("word-wrap")&&this.$dot.css("word-wrap","break-word"),"nowrap"===this.$dot.css("white-space")&&this.$dot.css("white-space","normal")},getInstance:function(){return this},truncate:function(){var e=this;this.$inner=this.$dot.wrapInner("").children().css({display:"block",height:"auto",width:"auto",border:"none",padding:0,margin:0}),this.$inner.contents().detach().end().append(this.originalContent.clone(!0)),this.$inner.find("script, style").addClass(s.keep),this.opts.keep&&this.$inner.find(this.opts.keep).addClass(s.keep),this.$inner.find("*").not("."+s.keep).add(this.$inner).contents().each(function(){var n=this,i=t(this);if(3==n.nodeType){if(i.prev().is("table, thead, tfoot, tr, th, td, dl, dt, dd, ul, ol, li, video"))return void i.remove();if(i.parent().contents().length>1){var r=t(''+e.__getTextContent(n)+"").css({display:"inline",height:"auto",width:"auto",border:"none",padding:0,margin:0});i.replaceWith(r)}}else 8==n.nodeType&&i.remove()});var n=this._truncateNode(this.$dot);return this.$dot[n?"addClass":"removeClass"](s.truncated),this.$inner.find("."+s.text).each(function(){t(this).replaceWith(t(this).contents())}),this.$inner.find("."+s.keep).removeClass(s.keep),this.$inner.replaceWith(this.$inner.contents()),this.$inner=null,n},restore:function(){this.unwatch(),this.$dot.contents().detach().end().append(this.originalContent).attr("style",this.originalStyle).removeClass(s.truncated)},destroy:function(){this.restore(),this.$,null)},watch:function(){var t=this;this.unwatch();var e={};"window",function(n){t.watchTimeout&&clearTimeout(t.watchTimeout),t.watchTimeout=setTimeout(function(){e=t._watchSizes(e,a,"width","height")},100)}):this.watchInterval=setInterval(function(){e=t._watchSizes(e,t.$dot,"innerWidth","innerHeight")},500)},unwatch:function(){,this.watchInterval&&clearInterval(this.watchInterval),this.watchTimeout&&clearTimeout(this.watchTimeout)},_api:function(){var e=this,n={};return t.each(this.api,function(t){var i=this;n[i]=function(){var t=e[i].apply(e,arguments);return"undefined"==typeof t?n:t}}),n},_truncateNode:function(e){var n=this,i=!1,r=!1;return t(e.children().get().reverse()).not("."+s.keep).each(function(){var e=(t(this).contents()[0],t(this));if(!i&&!e.hasClass(s.keep)){if(e.children().length)i=n._truncateNode(e);else if(!n._fits()||r){var o=t("").css("display","none");if(e.replaceWith(o),e.detach(),n._fits()){if("node"==n.opts.truncate)return!0;o.replaceWith(e),i=n._truncateWord(e),i||(r=!0,e.detach())}else o.remove()}e.contents().length||e.remove()}}),i},_truncateWord:function(t){var e=t.contents()[0];if(!e)return!1;for(var n=this,i=this.__getTextContent(e),s=i.indexOf(" ")!==-1?" 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