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The Catalan Forest Laboratory is a joint initiative to make available for general public, expert or beginner information and data related to forests.
Location: Cataluña, Spain (España)
The Green Economy Observatory of the Emilia-Romagna Region monitors the phenomenon of the green economy from a numerical and qualitative point of view.
Location: Emilia-Romagna, Italy (Italia)
Project: GRESS
Exploratory controls aimed to agri-food companies to carry out verifications and provide information on quality and food fraud
Location: Cataluña, Spain (España)
Project: QUALIFY
PAED is an answer in terms of providing business initiatives with support in the Region of Aragón, specially the process of starting a new business.
Location: Aragón, Spain (España)
Project: SARURE
EmiliaRomagna - Policy Landscape & Gap Analysis
Andalusia SWOT analysis
Regional Analysis for Southern Region of Ireland - 31/01/2021
From folder: Regional Analysis
Communication and Dissemination activities assessment
From folder: Communication Reports
Presentation of Local Analysis work done by the Region of Crete
This document presents the current situation for in situ remediation techniques