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GENERAL OBJECTIVE:The happiness and well-being of the inhabitants of the small villages of Europe. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: best quality of life in the small villages of Europe; diversification of economic activities; increase attractiveness of the territories; new and good job opportunities.THROUGH: an innovative cooperation system between Europe's smaller local authorities,European Network of Universities and experts, aimed at:1) the diffusion of political/programmatic and problem solving skills; 2) an innovative governance model based on the competence and responsibility of local authorities; 3) sustainability of planned and implemented interventions; 4) evaluate the impact not only in terms of GDP but also in relation to the happiness and well-being of the inhabitants; 5) the involvement of universities, European networks and local knowledge; 6) improving relations between Center and Periphery; 6) Ensuring transparency, protection of collective interests and fighting corruption.
The information is available at the event website.
Type: Project
On 28 September Alba Iulia hosted the 6th study visit of the project, focusing on good practices in recycling, energy efficiency and air quality monitoring
Type: Project
Alba Iulia Municipality hosted the 6th meeting and study visit of EURE, dedicated to recycling, energy efficiency and air quality monitoring.
Type: Project
Energy cluster Dolina Zielawy contributes to achieving energy policy goals as improving air quality, combating climate change and boosting energy security.
Location: Lubelskie, Poland (Polska)
Join EURE partners to explore good practices in recycling, energy efficiency and air quality monitoring.
Type: Project
In this article we share experiences of regional food brands and labels in FRIDGE regions.
Type: Project
Tuscany: The quality of air and weather forecasts at the center of the 6th regional stakeholder group
Type: Project
Representative of P-IRIS lead parter Ingvild Anderse attended Interreg Europe Experience Fair
Type: Project
The Policy Learning Platform held an online #EURegionsWeek participatory lab on ‘Reuse and Repair in a circular economy’. Discover the key takeaways.
Type: Platform