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Regional stakeholders workshop


Regional stakeholders from Wielkopolska discussion about the effective policy instruments for SMEs

Type: Project

First Estonian stakeholders meeting


First Estonian stakeholder meeting in Tartu.

Type: Project

Stakeholder Group Meeting - Pisa - ITALY


The meeting with regional stakeholders to share SPEED UP objectives and involve them into...

Type: Project

Stakeholders' Meeting in Crete


Meeting was organised in order to present the objectives and expected results of the project and to...

Type: Project

First stakeholders meeting in Catalonia


The Catalan Government will meet the potential CircE stakeholders on May 25th, 2017.

Type: Project

Local Stakeholder Meeting on Place Making


On Thursday 18 April 2019, the ABCitiEs team and stakeholders will discuss the possibilities of...

Type: Project

2nd meeting with stakeholders - Andalucia


On the 28th of Νovember 2017 Ministry of Environment & Spatial Planning from the Regional Government...

Type: Project

Meeting Representatives of South-Limburg


"Meeting Representatives of the municipalities of South-Limburg"

Type: Project

TRAM 3rd Stakeholders Group Meeting_Marche Region

08/02/2018 - 07/02/2018

Last 8 February 2018, TRAM Lead Partner, Marche Region, hosted its 3rd Stakeholder Group meeting

Type: Project

3rd Stakeholders group meeting Florence - ITALY


3rd Stakeholder group meeting Florence - Italy

Type: Project