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SUPER PROJECT FINAL CONFERENCE: Supporting Eco-innovation across Europe
Type: Project
Lead Partner: Forest Science and Technology Centre of Catalonia (CTFC)
With the objective of the transition to a low carbon economy, some countries and regions in Europe are developing energy and land use policies in separate ways by different administrations. To improve the energy sector in balance with the natural resource a challenge is to work on bridging those conflicting views and policies.   BIO4ECO aims to improve regional and national policy processes and policy implementation and delivery addressing the transition to a low carbon economy, in relation with renewable energy use, energy efficiency of building, and forest and agricultural biomass. The main expected outcomes are: increase the share of renewable energy in the overall energy mix (17 M€ of ERDF funding benefited by the project)take into account bioenergy and bioeconomy in all planning and decision-makinglay the groundwork for future integrated strategies and programmes for regional bioeconomy and carbon neutrality.   BIO4ECO will organise interregional and local learning process by thematic workshops, study visits and local stakeholder groups meetings, to achieve a greater integration among the lessons learned. These are going to be the cornerstone of the learning process. Topics that will be worked in these events are the following: Role of forests within regional and national low carbon and bioeconomy strategies and programmesFirst-hand experience on integral solutions for bioenergy policies and strategiesThe Energy-Foof-Water land use nexus: possible equilibrium for the low-carbon transitionHow to increase social acceptance of bioenergy policies?Priorization of bioenergy production at different geographical scales BIO4ECO videos of the thematic workshop in Paris “Prioritization of bioenergy production at different geographical scales” Bio4Eco Interreg Europe - workshop&study visits Paris Bio4Eco - interview Aiga Grasmane, Latvian Forest Owners Association BIO4Eco - interview de Florin Andronescu, Alba Local Energy Agency - Romania
Lead Partner: County Council of Huelva 
Cycling is a European success story tells the first heading of the Declaration on Cycling as a climate friendly Transport Mode. Over the last decade, cycle­tourism has increased exponentially in Europe, both in terms of infrastructure & service and public attendance. The cycling tourism industry generates an annual turnover of €44bn. It represents nowadays a strategic priority for many territories in Europe mostly due to its potential for attracting added­value tourism. Cycle-tourism has clearly taken substantial advantage from the extended urban mobility developments based on bicycle. New populations of cyclists are claiming for new experiences brought by new models of sustainable tourism. This is also extremely challenging for territorial management and land­use planning since Cycle­tourism represents a powerful opportunity to provide infrastructures and create services and employments in remote areas. In that sense, natural heritage could deeply benefit of cycle­tourism. Many territories in Europe are characterized by extended natural heritage in which growth is always subordinated to the strict evaluation regarding preservation of biodiversity and ecosystems at risk. We remind that the EU2020 strategy fostering sustainable environmental development and an efficient use of resources is mandatory for taking off green and competitive economy. Therefore, ECO­CICLE aims that bicycle becomes the official sustainable transport to access natural heritage while fostering endogenous economical revival through a popular modality of tourism. In order to determine the best conditions to develop cycle­tourism in natural heritage context, ECO­CICLE builds on the experience of the partnership, especially on our advisory partner ECF. Main objective of ECO­CICLE is to improve operational programs and regional development policies to allocate SF and other investments funds (about 9M€ is targeted through 24 new projects) in infrastructure and support to cycletourism service providers.
The City of Turin establishes a project platform called Torino Social Impact aimed at promoting the Turin metropolitan ecosystem of social innovation
Type: Project
During the Europe let's cooperate event, the Policy Learning Platform organised matchmaking sessions on different subjects and themes. Take a look.
Type: Platform
The Policy Learning Platform of Interreg Europe organized an event on research & innovation and SME competitiveness in Milan on the 19-20 October 2017.
Type: Project
Irish policy makers will visit Italy to share best practices with the Metropolitan City of Turin regarding clustering and regional innovation strategies.
Type: Project
On 8 September 2021 we organised an online workshop on innovation for societal grand challenges. Watch the recording, access the presentations and get inspired!
Type: Platform
In May, Lappish project partners and stakeholders gathered together with SHARE-experts to find ways to support the role of sports in Lapland regional economy.
Type: Project
An update on ALICE's progress on training the future talent in animation.
Type: Project