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The extended produced responsibility, and the cooperationbetween producers and consumers gives the best solutions.
Type: Project
SMART WASTE was presented during a conference on Municipal waste management and a clustering meeting organised by COLLECTORS in Thessaloniki.
Type: Project
The topic of Regional Innovation Systems and Strategies was a key focus of the 58th Annual Congress of the European Regional Science Association in August 2018
Type: Project
These days, we’re all trying to make our meetings and events more sustainable. We’ve put together some basic guiding principles to help you get going.
Type: Programme
Last November, Apeldoorn gathered representative of supermarkets and citizens initiatives to brainstorm about the opportunities that can be set up to reduce was
Type: Project
25 regional research and innovation actors from their respective project communities met in Brussels to share learning experiences.
Type: Platform
Do you think that love can bring us some results? Read the Mattel Inc.'s story and you'll see that each motivation might be good. Nowadays, girls can't imagine ...
Type: Project
Ankara Development Agency hosted the project meeting of European Support for Social Innovation (ESSI).
Type: Project
Many European regions are far from meeting today's waste management targets. 50% of the waste are still either burned or landfilled, wasting valuable resources.
Type: Platform
What's up, REDUCES? The first blog text of our new blog.
Type: Project