The project School Chance has started with the celebration of a three day Kick-Off meeting and Opening Thematic Workshop organized by the Municipality of Girona.

From 28 February to 2 March 2017, the Municipality of Girona hosted School Chance Kick-Off Meeting and Opening Thematic Workshop. Partners coming from Italy, Austria, Spain, The Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and Romania met for the first time and were welcomed at the Municipal Theatre.

After a long period of hard work and a lot of efforts, this amazing project is finally starting with the aim of improving policies supporting school mobility. In Girona, partners had the chance to meet each other and to discuss about project activities to be carried out over the next five years.

The Kick-Off was inaugurated by the Councillor Narcís Sastre Fulcarà and the Deputy Mayor Joan Alcalà i Quiñones. 

The leadership team – composed by the Municipality of Girona, lead partner and responsible for overall project management, the Municipality of Reggio Emilia, communication activity leader, and Austrian Mobility Research FGM-Amor, advisory partner for the exchange of experience activities – gave insight on specific tasks and outputs to be realised during the project lifetime.

During the Opening Thematic Workshop, partners presented their own territories, policy instruments addressed by School Chance and their expectations on the project. Afterwards, a whole session led by FGM- Amor was dedicated to the exchange of experience learning process, specifically on the collection of good practices, on the creation and composition of local stakeholder groups and on the realisation of surveys on travel behaviour.

Last but not least, a bike tour was organised and participants had the opportunity to visit three schools where successful measures to favour children mobility were implemented.

After the Kick-off and the Opening Thematic Seminar, project partners feelings are very positive. We strongly believe that we will make a great job together. The next Project Management Group will be hosted in Gdansk next October. Stay tuned for more news on School Chance!