The new year started with two important events involving our partners Regional Government of Catalonia and the Municipality of Girona.

On January 21, the Regional Government took part in the workshop “How to get a good coexistence in the public space?” organised by the Bicycle Office of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona. The aim of the workshop was to share the educational role of municipal police both with children and adult population as well as to discuss about different tools and methodologies useful to improve the coexistence of different means of transport on the streets.  

Last 29 January, the Catalan School Mobility Action Plan 2020-2021 was presented during a conference. The Plan provides for the implementation of six strategic actions that aim to promote the improvement of school mobility in the territory from a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach.

The actions will be promoted in a coordinated manner between the Department of Territory and Sustainability, the Department of Education and the Catalan Traffic Service, together with other local actors and entities that have participated in the follow-up of the European School Chance project. It is also aimed to improve the training of schoolchildren and the conditions of home-to-school travel and to promote safe, sustainable, active and autonomous mobility. 

For more details about the Action Plans of all School Chance partners, have a look at our library