On Thursday 12th of December, the Municipality of Reggio Emilia has organised a regional conference about home to school active mobility to launch School Chance Regional Action Plan.

Two experts were invited to discuss about school mobility from different perspectives.  

The Regional Responsible for air monitoring network (ARPAE – Emilia-Romagna) Luca Torreggiani through the presentation of 2018 data about air quality in Emilia-Romagna Region, showed how air quality is strictly dependent on mobility daily habits. From the data presented it is clear that the concentration of pollutants changes according to the proximity to congested roads and to the time of the day, reaching peaks during school entry and exit times.

Giuseppe Albertini, President of the Association ISDE Doctors for Environment, presented the effects of physical inactivity and air pollution on young people, showing that moving by bike is the best way both for people’s health and the environment, studies suggest that people who ride a bike are actually exposed to fewer dangerous fumes than those who travel by car or pedestrians.  

Finally, the results of the survey realised thanks to School Chance project on mobility habits of children from primary and secondary schools were presented together with the three new actions inspired by the exchange of experience with the other partners and that have been included in the Regional Action Plan that will be implemented in the next two years.