After the study and selection of 43 Good Practices on school mobility management, School Chance is entering in a more practical phase with first-hand experiences: Study Visits to go in depth through the most successful Good Practices shared in the project.

First Study Visit was hosted by Gävle –Sweden in February, to share its experience on the promotion of winter cycling. During the visit, the participants coming from Utrecht and Gdansk had the chance to know more about mobility culture in Sweden, winter cycling (snow clearance on bicycle lanes, how is it planned and executed) and a study about school mobility made by professor Anna-Karin Lindqvist at Luleå university of technology that was implemented and tested in schools in Luleå, Sweden.

Winter Cycling campaign implemented in Gävle is aimed at getting people to try cycling during winter time, in order to experience that cycling benefits can be achieved during this season as well. The campaign has five steps: advertisement, contract signing, cycling, evaluation and congratulations. Further information:

The Study Visit City of Gdansk –Poland was organized on May, during the Cycling May campaign. This action was first implemented in the city of Gdansk and it is now a great success all around Poland. The objective of this effective campaign is to promote active travel to school or kindergarten among children, age 3–13. Further information:

On 5 and 6 June, Utrecht -Netherlands has been visited by partners of the project. They received information about the Dutch cycling culture and about projects such as the Way2Go (cycling/walking) Campaign and the Road Safety Label & School Zones. The Province Utrecht Jos presented cultural backgrounds and cycling. Bike Master Lex told more about practical education at schools in the Traffic Garden.

Way2Go campaign and action week aims to convince parents to change the way they bring their children to school. It combines three projects: Traffic Snake game, Papa & Mama and Monster rebellion game. Further information: