Between November and December 2017 Gdansk, Girona and Reggio Emilia held their Local Stakeholder Group (LSG) meetings, to continue establishing the working groups and involve stakeholders.

 In GDANSK School Chance project was presented to the members of Local Stakeholders Group and Key Decision Makers (KDM) during the meeting on 28 November 2017.

The meeting was attended by: Gdansk Roads and Greenery Management (responsible for roads’ maintaining and infrastructure) - deputy head of Traffic Management Department, relevant City Hall Departments, 2 representatives of NGOs – “Rower Over”, the Head of the Municipal Road Safety Council, Municipal Police - Chief Officer of the Municipal Traffic Police, Representative of regional authorities – head of Pomeranian Road Safety Council, Municipal Guards representative - officer from Prevention and Traffic Department, Gdansk University of Technology, Traffic Engineering Department.  

All KDM and members of LSG declared strong support and co-operation in achieving project’s objectives. Main focus was put on safety and security issues of school pupils on their way to and from schools. 

The Municipal Road Safety Council presided the project as a valuable opportunity to improve the security of school's areas. The proposed solution such as development of a standardised audit for schools in the context of road safety as well as the idea of Manifesto (Emilia Romagna-Italy GP) especially gained the Council's interest, approbation and promise of cooperation in development and implementation of those practices.

School Chance may bring a big step forward on safe pedestrian and bike friendly schools surrounding in Gdansk.

GIRONA organized:

1. Second LSG meeting: took place on 12 December 2017 at the Territory and Sustainability Department of the Regional Government of Catalonia. Sixteen LSG members attended plus technical staff of the Regional Government of Catalonia and the Municipality of Girona. Topics addressed were: project’s state of art, GPs selection by LSG, two 2018 SVs and surveys.

2. Key Policy Makers Meeting: took place on 14 December 2017 with the Education Deputy Mayor, Ms. Isabel Muradàs; the Mobility and Public Way Deputy Mayor, Mr. Joan Alcalà; the technical head of the Education departient, Carme Sánchez; and the technical head of the Mobility and Public Way department, M. Mercedes Teixidor. Topics addressed were: project’s state of art, GPs selection by LSG, two 2018 SVs and surveys. Specific initiatives from the Key Policy Makers raised to involve city schools in the project.


REGGIO EMILIA organised the third LSG meeting with the Local Stakeholders Group on the 13th of December 2017. Several external stakeholders and Departments of the Municipality met with the Mobility and Special Projects Department (partner of the consortium) in order to share the last updates and developments of School Chance. In particular, the Municipality updated the group about the realisation of the first monitoring session, which targeted 78 schools (from kindergartens to high schools), and the collection of good practices, and discussed with the stakeholders the next steps and events, in particular the second project thematic training on education that will be organised in Reggio Emilia next April and the selected study visit that Reggio Emilia will attend in late spring (Gdansk and Utrecht).

The next LSG meeting in Reggio Emilia will be held in March 2018.