What is School Chance about?

SCHOOL mobility CHAllenge in regioNal poliCiEs is about incorporating children’ independent mobility into regional policies. It is a five-year INTERREG project involving eight European partners: Municipality of Reggio Emilia (Italy), Austrian Mobility Research FGM-AMOR (Austria), Regional Government of Cataluña (Spain), City of Utrecht (the Netherlands), Municipality of Gävle (Sweden), City of Gdansk (Poland), Brasov Metropolitan Agency for Sustainable Development (Romania) and the Municipality of Girona (Spain).

Within School Chance, partners share good practices (GPs) about school mobility and they are able to travel to the GP region to study them in depth, so that GPs can be incorporated in the partner’s region. Then, each partner develops a comprehensive strategy for making sustainable mobility at school an essential element of their mobility policy. School Chance increases sustainable mobility by changing the behaviour of schoolchildren and the next generation’s mind-set towards sustainability.

How is the Municipality of Girona involved in the project?

From the beginning of the project’s idea development, there were two departments of the municipality deeply involved in designing the project approach: Mobility and Education. From the moment we knew that the project was approved we organized meetings with municipal politicians, people that were going to work in the project and staff not directly involved to ensure active interaction within our municipality. With these activities we have spread School Chance objectives within several departments such as: Communication, Police, Urbanism, etc.

The fact that the Kick-Off Meeting was held in Girona helped to raise awareness within our organization, citizenship and other municipalities.

What is the role of the Lead Partner in a European project?

The lead partner takes on the responsibility for project management and holds the formal link between the project and the joint secretariat. The project runs smoothly thanks to the support, work and expertise of the Management Team which is formed by the Municipality of Reggio Emilia, in charge of communication activities and FGM-AMOR, responsible for the exchange of experience as advisory partner, thanks to its strong experience in mobility.