SCALE UP project partner Lazio Innova has joined “ItalyUp”, a call launched to select startups and independent projects to develop innovative solutions to respond to the Covid-19 emergency.

ItalyUp is a programme designed to accelerate the development of projects and technologies that will anticipate the transformations of the Italian socio-economic fabric, concretely contributing to its restart and relaunch. It is possible to apply for the programme through an Open Call that does not foresee a deadline. The selected startups will receive up to € 30.000 for the development of their projects as well as support from the programme’s team of experts. Successful applicants of the ItalyUp call will be announced and awarded through the “Lazio Region Award”.

The Lazio Region developed a more competitive programme called Open Innovation which aims to enhance the innovative ideas of startups by realizing concrete solutions for the world of production. The emergency period has indeed confirmed how innovative business models, digital technologies and the greater adaptability of startups have allowed the rapid development of concrete answers to current and emerging market needs.

Through Open Innovation and ItalyUp, the Lazio Region wants to support the best ideas coming from SMEs and support them with the aid system developed in recent years that consists of incentives to real services and finance to venture capital. 

For more information, in Italian, click here.