Attica Region and the 4th Industrial Revolution 

The project "Digital Transformation of the Greek Industry" is implemented by the General Secretariat of Industry of the Ministry of Development and Investment. It is funded by the European Union through the Structural Reform Support Program, with the aim of developing a coherent National Strategy and an appropriate National Strategy for Development of the 4th Industrial Revolution in Greece - Industry 4.0

Greece and the region of Attica, following the guidelines of Europe in general, is moving towards the 4th Industrial Revolution, having lost a bit of the 3rd Industrial Revolution. The third revolution brought forth the rise of electronics, telecommunication and computers. Through the new technologies, the third industrial revolution opened the doors to space expeditions, research and biotechnology. Greece never had a strong industry sector, the strengths of the Greek economy have always been tourism and manufacturing. The last global economic crisis had a heavy-handed impact in Greece and especially towards the enterprises in manufacturing sector in Attica Region.  

The European Union is currently focusing on the 4th Industrial Revolution, notably on what we call value chains, but much more important issues touch on the artificial intelligence case. Therefore, what we see coming and being heavily funded and supported by Europe are these issues related to artificial intelligence and the 4th industrial revolution.  

Attica Region therefore has an obligation to run as fast as it can, so that with EU support, with the weight given to having a neutral environmental footprint, as far as public authorities are concerned, the region will not miss this opportunity as it happened in the past for the 3rd Industrial Revolution.

This is an opportunity since the EU is now recognizing that what is happening. With the ongoing Asian and American trade wars, the EU must support its industry, and the decisions taken say that we must also support the regional industry.  

The region of Attica and Greece must grab this last wagon and run at the same pace that Europe is running. We must not miss this great opportunity and responsibility as a political leadership.  

The region of Attica as policy instruments holder for the Attica ROP 2014-2020 and 20121-2027 is participating in workshops, events and conferences regarding the 4th Industrial Revolution that are totally connected with the enterprises expected efforts (mostly in the industrial sector) in scaling up. The Attica Regional Development Fund director Mr. Nikolaropoulos is putting many efforts and human resources to support the region’s scaling up sectors, start-ups and SMEs

The main project to support SMEs to scaling up is called Innovation Center of Attica and through its activities, it supports SMEs with a variety of actions and funds. Its strategic goal is to improve competitiveness, exchange know-how support innovation, and enhance extroversion through strategic synergies. RDFA is also collaborating with Attica's Universities and Athens Chamber of Commerce to fund SME participation in B2B meetings, conferences and international fairs, as also start-ups mostly in new technologies.