The SCALE UP project partner, not only came to Lublin for the first Interregional learning policy event and the study visits, but also for taking part in the Steering committee meeting.

All the partners took part in this policy event.

In the early morning of the 16th January, the lead partner of the project, INFO Murcia, took the floor to inform the partners about the current state of the arts of the project. Afterwards, the participants were involved in a session dedicated to the next progress report and the relative certification of expenditures.


The partner responsible of the communication of the project, EURADA, illustrated the communication tools so far developed. After a quick lunch, the consortium dealt with the tasks to be carried out in the second semester of the project as well as with the agenda of the next partner meetings.

2020 will be an intensive year for the SCALE UP partners, in fact the consortium is going to meet on 31st March – 1St April in Nottingham to attend study visits focused on the three best-practices (BPs) identified by the British partner of Nottingham city council (UK). In May, the partners will have to fly to Rome (Italy) for another study visit, the second interregional learning policy event and the steering committee meeting. Before the summer holidays, the SCALE UP members will also pay a visit to Kassel (Germany) to attend the three BPs identified by the RegionalHessen Management.

In late September, the project consortium will meet one more time in Murcia (Spain) for the study visit. Finally, in November there will be the last project meeting in Athens (Greece) which includes the third interregional learning policy event, the study visit and the steering committee meeting