The lead partner of the project, INFO Murcia, and the partner responsible for the communication, EURADA, went to Budapest from 21st to 23rd January to attend three project seminars organized by Interreg Europe. The first seminar (21st January) was focused on finance reporting and covered information and updates on financial reporting and control procedures and requirements related to the management of Interreg Europe projects. It also offered an opportunity to exchange on this matter with the joint secretariat and financial managers and first level controllers of other projects.

The seminar on activities and results (22 January) focused on activity reporting, including both theory and practice. In addition to learning about the expectations and requirements related to reporting of project activities, good practices and results, the participants received useful tips and practical advice from other experienced lead partners.

On Thursday the 23rd January, the seminar on communication took place at the Hotel Hungaria City Center. It provided guidance on the Interreg Europe publicity requirements as well as some helpful advice and tips for making project communication activities as effective and attractive as possible.

The morning session was focused on two main topics: how to write the perfect press release and a more dynamic session on how to structure the entire communication to achieve a wider audience. In the afternoon, the communication managers had the possibility to discuss among themselves about the most relevant difficulties that they are facing on a daily basis. Tips and suggestions were exchanged in an extremely relaxed atmosphere.