Open call for proposals to support Digitalisation   

TheDIH-World project, which aims to accelerate the uptake of advanced digital technologies by European manufacturing SMEs in all sectors, has launched its first open call to support digitalisation projects of traditional industrial companies. The call will award up to 35 SME-driven experiments with a 100% non-refundable grant of up to 95.000 EUR. If you are a SME from any Member State or Horizon 2020 Associated country together with one Digital Innovation Hub (DIHs), do not hesitate to apply to this unique opportunity. The deadline to submit your proposal finishes on the 15th of July at 13:00h (CEST).

In order to come forward with the proposal, two issues must be highlighted. First of all, as this call is planned to carry digitalisation experiments on SMEs and DIHs from the manufacturing field, the company needs to be an SME in any manufacturing sector to qualify for the grant. There is a special focus on Wood, Food Products, Construction, Maritime, and Technologies.  In addition, the experiments may be related to any of the following technologies: Smart modelling, Robotics, Internet of Things, Cyber Physical Systems, 3D Printing, Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud technologies, High Performance Computing, Laser technologies, Cognitive Autonomous Systems, Human-robot interaction, Cybersecurity or Sensors.

Secondly, part of the budget should be spent on an external provider, a Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) -which will receive at least 30% of the subsidy. The remaining 70% will go to the SME.

This call for proposals takes place within the framework of the European DIH-WORLD project. This project has resources to incorporate third parties to the project (cascade funding). The projects will be evaluated according to the criteria of other European calls. These criteria are excellence, impact and implementation. You can read everything about the process in their guideline. However, since the call is adapted to SMEs, the requested application documents are straightforward, and in terms of competitiveness, there will be a broad interval of chances to get funded. 

From SCALE UP we believe opportunities like this call can help SMEs to grow and remain competitive. The selected innovative technology experiments will be joining the DIH-World community, boosting the interaction and cross border cooperation among DIHs and SMEs, and also among DIHs from the European Network. The financial support to integrate digital technologies can completely transform SMEs processes, products and services, giving them the chance to accelerate their business and remain competitive.

We highly encourage you to submit your proposal. You can apply here.

You can also have all the information about the open call on the webinar they launched on the 3rd of June. You can get inspiration from different successful innovative experiments they showcased.

You can see the recording of the video here.