SCALE UP at EU Industry week 2021 

The strengthening of the business fabric from a multi-faceted approach while assisting SMEs to recover as well as remain competitive is a challenge we are and will be facing. Under the umbrella of Interreg Programme, we will show how SMEs have been and continue to be supported in their boost and scale up from different but holistic perspectives.

This event will deal with the various steps an SME can take to recover as well as the financial and technical support available for them. Furthermore, the webinar will show the improvement of several policy instruments thanks to the interregional learning process, identification of BPs and transferring them to other regions through Action Plans.  


Scaling up SMEs in the midst of Corona  

10:00-10:10 Welcome by Ms Ivana Rae Almora (EURADA)

10:10-10:25 SCALE UP: how it supports concentration and robustness of SMEs within the renewed EU industrial policy. Presentation of its Best Practises
Speaker: Ms Maripaz López (INFO Murcia)

10:25-10:40 How FOUNDATION bolsters Small and Medium Companies by Building Regional Resilience to Industrial Structural Change. Presentation of its Best Practises
Speaker: Mr Jose Carlos Garcia (CEEI Cartagena), 

10:40- 11:30 Round Table.
We invite our colleagues from 3 different existing Interreg Europe Projects, that also work towards the support of SME’s and their growth, to talk about their experiences.
Moderator: Ms Ivana Rae. 

ACSELL: to sensitise the public sector, innovation intermediaries and SMEs towards expanding SME competencies by promoting open innovation ecosystems and integrating the user early in the innovation process with (interregional) a living lab approach.
Speaker: Ms Sandra Evans

SIE: increasing SME internationalisation capacity, improving SME Internationalisation Support. Internationalisation is a keyway for SMEs to innovate & grow and is an essential part of ensuring that Europe continues to compete in the global market.
Speaker: Mr Steve Samson

4.0 READY: Strengthening SME capacity to engage in Industry 4.0
Speaker: Mr Lorenzo Sabatini

• Q&A from the audience