Since Demcember 2019 University of Western Macedonia has initiated a serie of events at the pilot areas of Western Macedonia Region to:

  • Inform regional and local stakeholders on project progress and how implementation will evolve the forthcoming period
  • Identify other initiatives active in pilot areas that can lead to synergies with SARURE and multiply their impact  
  • Open the discussion on Action Plan on rural retail for the next years and create a task force that will participate in the discussions with the Managing Authority of Regional Operational Programme 2014 – 2020, as well as in the planning procedure of the following one (2021 – 2027). 
  • Re-evaluate the situational analysis conducted by the SARURE implementation team and consider new dimension. 
  • Promote the role of rural retail in the post lignite era of the Region of Western Macedonia. Governmental decisions for transition from lignite to alternative fuels from 2023 call on immediate, yet well planned- actions.  

The COVID19 pandemic postponed the rest of physical meetings, which are now expected to start again at the end of summer 2020 and we are celebrating our third and last seminar for exchange of experiences ONLINE.