The following links refer to the developments over the last 16 months and clearly demonstrate that Greece and specially the Region of Western Macedonia, having identified the need to support retail and SMEs, coordinate national and regional programs based on EU directives. Thus, making invitations for calls for tender and providing financial support to businesses. Below you will find embedded the Partnership Agreement for the Development Framework of the Ministry of Finance and Development that is connected with the regional programs of regional development from PA.

  • The conference of the Greek federation of trade and entrepreneurship was focused on the SMEs and their development in Greece with current results. At the conference there were contributions to the debate on productive restructuring of the country, placing trade and small and medium-sized enterprises at the heart of the synthesis of traditional and innovative business practices. 
  • Two new programs to support small and micro businesses are currently in progress. The budget of the action amounts to 400 million EUR for all regions of the country. The action is co-financed by the European Union Regional Development Fund and national resources.
  • New Small & Very Small Business Program: "Business Toolbox - Trade - Focus - Education". The current program supports existing small and micro businesses the sectors such as retail. Investment Plans from EUR 10,000 to EUR 150,000 can have up to 50% subsidy. 
  • Through the provisions of the Partnership Agreement for the Development Framework there have been given subsidies for the support of businesses on wholesale of Juices, Mineral Waters, Soft Drinks and Other Soft Drinks.
  • New PA program for trade, catering and training enterprises. The current program has been running for several months with interventions made that are related to upgrading the level of operational organization and operation in the areas of energy consumption, the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), health and safety and standardization - certification. The budget amounts to EUR 60 million for all regions of the country.
  • European SME policies, legislation, funding programs, other EU initiatives and provision of services for the support of SMEs are available on the European Portal for SMEs. Information and provision of consultation is provided to Greek SMEs.
  • Implementation of projects that contribute to the development of the secondary and tertiary sector of the local economy, in the context of achieving the objectives of each local strategy (LEADER / CLLD). One the projects’ interventions are the boosting the local economy and creation of jobs. The Region of Western Macedonia are one of the Regions that are is making improvements through the programs.