The 19th and 20th June 2019 we celebrated the third SARURE project meeting in Freyburg (Germany).

We exchanged 12 Good Practices as scheduled in the programme of this first Thematic Seminar about 'Complementary services & initiatives to retail in rural areas'. Worthwhile mentioning the numerous questions that followed every presentation, gives idea of the interest of the partners in the experiences shared. 

Study visit 1 was in Naumburg Agricultural and Sales Association, whose goal is promoting products of the region in a direct and short way (direct marketers experiences known). 

Study visit 2 was in Schleberoda where:

  • Partners visited a local cellar where local wine is produced and commercialized;
  • Partners knew the “Funding Programme to support small retail in rural areas”. The project and premises for the Multiservice Shop to be created in Schleberoda through this programme were shown to partners.
  • Partners had the chance to know the “Village Mobility Programme to ensure the daily demand of the population”, developed by the Regional Association in Schleberoda; it aims at replacing rural individual traffic by rural carsharing, making use of an APP which making use of algorithms makes an assessment of your intended displacement and proposes you more feasible alternatives. 

Study visit 3 consisted of:

  • Partners visiting “Tante Emma Laden” shop in the municipality of Reichardtswerben, which is also framed within the “Funding Programme to support small retail in rural areas”. 
  • Partners visited also platform Pirkau in Hohenmölsen to know more about the region, in this case through the history of coal in the area and future projects associated to its replacement.

After the Study Visit, the partners went to Bürgerhaus in Hohenmölsen to have the Bilateral Tutorials scheduled and the Steering Committee. 

You can see a video-summary of this meeting here.