'Working on the rural retail survival' was the tittle the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Teruel used to explain our SARURE Project to different kind of public; politicians, mayors, technicians, Associations, entrepreneurs, citizens and public in general with interest in the survival of depopulated and fragile areas. The event took place in the city council of Ejulve, a small village in the Province of Teruel (Spain) and we exchanged opinions and solutions to improve the quality of life in depopulated territories. 

Moreover, we had the chance to know more about some ideas and projects, especially the Southern Sparsely Populated Areas (SSPA), originated as a result of the union of the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Teruel (CEOE Teruel), the Federation of Sorian Business Organizations (FOES) and the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Cuenca (CEOE-CEPYME Cuenca). The business organizations represent the provinces of Cuenca, Soria and Teruel, the three NUTS3 territories recognized by the European Union and the Spanish State as sparsely populated regions.

                                        Nuria Ros, SARURE communication manager, during her intervention                                                             

The event was organized by the Association against the depopulation and this was the Programme: