Did you know that rural retail is one of the main values we have? 

Do you shopping in your village, we all win 

Because shops in our villages infuse them with life, create jobs, help settle their population and help to maintain and sustain services of each municipality. 

Because retailers in our villages know us, what we need and because they are the ones who can best advise us. Rural retail brings in closeness, friendliness and seeds the ground for a good conversation while we responsibly buy local products that we can trust. 

Rural retail in small areas share our streets, our parties, our worries, our projects... and they are our neighbours. 

Read the complet second SARURE Newsletter here 

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1- Conclusions of the Analysis of the situation of rural retail in SARURE partners’ territories  

The SARURE Project has produced an Analysis of the situation of rural retail in partner’s local rural areas. The document incorporates dates and information about the socioeconomic situation, rural development policies as well as a SWOT Analysis. 

2- Second SARURE meeting in Kozani (Greece)  

Representatives (partners and some stakeholders) from SARURE Project attended the second meeting last March in Kozani (Greece). The meeting was developed as scheduled in the agenda and we talked about where we are, what is pending, good practices, improvement of policy instruments, action plans and the study visits, organized as a debate between local retailers. 

3- New regulation aims at supporting the survival of village shops in Finland 

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland announced on March 21st 2019 a regulation that aims to support the survival of local village shops in Finland. The number of shops in rural areas has decreased for several years in a row, and the future of these shops starts to be in a critical situation. The new regulation offers financial support during the year period 2019-2021 to village shops that develop their operations towards offering multiservices as well as at least one pre-specified service apart from the selling of goods.  

4- Check out the Library section on our website 

A new ‘Library’ section is now available on our website, where you will find our first Project brochure, presentations, appearances in the media, pictures and an analysis of the situation of rural retail in our territories. 

A Good Practice section will be coming soon! 


1- Seminar for FLC and project partners from Spain in MADRID (Spain) 

SARURE Lead Partner attended and got acquainted with the financial issues of Interreg Europe Programme Projects. 

2- Europe, let's cooperate! in BRUSSELS (Belgium) 

On April 10th SARURE’s Swedish partner participated in this event in order to learn more about interregional cooperation projects, their activities, and the impact of cooperation. 

We had the chance to exchange views and discover ideas and initiatives related to the four topics covered by Interreg Europe: research and innovation, competitiveness of SMEs, low-carbon economy, the environment and resource efficiency. 

In addition to that, some other SARURE partners tuned in to the online event streamed from Brussels. 

3- Advisory Lead Partner participates in the first Finnish Targeted Communicacion Event in IMATRA (Finland) 

The event was held as a communicational seminar for public sector decision makers (members of boards and councils of municipalities) and representatives of public sector development bodies in the South Karelia region on April 17th in Imatra. 

4- Webinar on submitting good practices 

Find out how the good practice database works and how to submit your good practice in the most efficient way. Join Interreg Europe community on 6 June at 10:00 (CET). 

5- Next partners’ meeting in NAUMBURG (Germany) 

The next meeting of the project partners is scheduled to take place on June 19th- 20th 2019 in Freyburg (Germany). This Thematic Seminar will be developed under the title ‘Complementary services & initiatives to be provided besides retail commerce in rural areas’ and, until then, each partner will be working on good practices regarding to this topic.