The management experiences of the "Open Shopping Centers" managed by the  merchants associations, such as Teruel, Alcañiz, Huesca, Caspe or Tarazona, whose promotion and commercial promotion activities are supported annually through grants from the Government of Aragon; and successful experiences in electronic commerce such as Binéfar and Move Calanda, among others, are the contributions of good practices that the Government of Aragon have presented within the European project SARURE for promote rural commerce and as practical examples to apply in other countries and replicate in the Autonomous Community itself. 

This contribution was made on 16th May, during the second meeting,  held in the Pignatelli Building, seat of the Government of Aragon, of the Interest Group (skateholders) of the SARURE Project composed of several institutions and merchants associations of Aragon, and the First Communication Event of the Project, with the presence of technicians from various departments of the Government of Aragon. 

The Directorate General of Industry, SMEs, Commerce and Handicrafts of the Government of Aragon participates in the SARURE Project, an action approved in the third convocation of projects of the Interreg Europe Program. 

The selected good practices, which will be at least 40 among the 7 EU countries, will be incorporated into the electronic platform of the Interreg Europe Community and  will serve as an example in other countries of the European Union.