The 20th and 21st March 2019 we had the second SARURE project meeting in Kozani (Greece). 

We discussed about the state of the rural retail in our territories, we exchanged experiences with local retailers, knew more about the good practices we must explain next meeting in Germany and we worked in bilateral meetings between partners and the Advisory Lead Partner, the Chamber of Commerce of Teruel. The meeting took place in Siatista, Argos Orestiko and Kozani (in the South East corner of Europe).

Study visit 1 organized as a debate among local retailers of fur (selling internationally) and the partners left interesting exchanges around the possibilities of replicating the fur model with other local products, their opportunities for diversification, how they have embraced innovation, the uniqueness of their offer (consisting in this case in the “pieces technique” they use), their presence in international fairs but also how they attract- if they do- the local client, the possibilities of using the remains of remains of fur for a sub activity or their imminent creation of a marketplace. It was very interesting to partners as the case study consisted of an example of a local product (pieces technique system for fur) reaching global positioning.

Study visit 2 in Argos Town Hall was approached as a debate among the retailers in Argos Orestiko “open mall” and the partners. Local retailers shared the state of the art of their open mall project. Partners having similar structures to the “open mall” provided suggestions. There were many questions.

You can see a video-summary of this metting here.