Bitti Alvin Lehmann, Project Manager for SARURE, the Municipality of Söderhamn (Sweden), attended the X-ing Autumn Conference. This year the location was Hudiksvall (Sweden) and between 60-70 people were attending. 

Länsbygderådet X-ing Gävleborg is an organization representing the entire region where the municipality of Söderhamn is located. 10 municipalities and approximately 320 rural development groups are represented.

The organization works for rural development and to create balance between the city and the rural areas. X-ing is a part of the Sweden wide organization “Hela Sverige ska Leva”. Translated to English that basically means that all of Sweden should be developed and livable with good services.

The Municipality of Söderhamn has been working together with X-ing for a while and there has been several development programs done with the rural areas through this fabulous organization. The representative from X-ing Gävleborg, Mrs. Helena Näslund, is also a member of the stakeholders group in the SARURE project. She tributes with enormous amount of experience from rural development.