The Policy Learning Platform is offering you a trilogy of 30-minute webinars on workplace training and how it can help regions retain young talent and increase SME competitiveness.

Join us for the third and final webinar on our workplace training series on 26 March from 10:30 to 11:00 CET. We will discuss fruitful collaborations between universities and SMEs.

What you can expect

During this panel session, we will take take a close look at the policy changes driven by university-SME collaboration in the Netherlands and Hungary. You will discover innovative ways to attract and retain young talent in regions.

The good practice from Overijssel, the Export Development Program, is a good example on how practices like this bring necessary skills, how SMEs can be internationalised via the help of students and how these programmes enable regions to retain young talent.

This good practice was also the source of inspiration for the policy change and action plan in Hajdu-Bihar County, in Hungary. Therefore, the session will cover practical elements related to the opportunities and challenges in setting up such programmes. You will have the opportunity to learn more on how Hajdu-Bihar County was able to replicate this good practice from the Netherlands.


We have invited experts in the field to share their experiences and recommendations with you:

Jacques van Steenbergen from the province of Overijssel, the Netherlands will give a keynote speech on his contribution to the Export Development Program

Dr. Louise van Weerden, leader of the Export Development Program in Saxon University of Applied Sciences will also discuss her contribution to the programme

Anita Nagy, Project Assistant at the Győr Center of Vocational Training will also tell us more about the policy change and action plan developed in the Hungarian region.

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