The second meeting of the stakeholder group of the S3UNICA project was organised by the Andalusian Energy Agency in collaboration with the Andalusian Institute of Domotics and Energy Efficiency and took place last July 8th, a morning session from 11.30 to 14:00 hours.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Andalusian Energy Agency approved to hold its stakeholder meeting not in person, but online, that, even if it is not the best system, allowed the project to advance and provide information to the significant group of stakeholders in Andalusia, that included 15 experts from the University of Granada, the Andalusian Institute of Domotics and Energy Efficiency of the University of Málaga, as well as technical associations as ANESEConsumers Association as UCA and also Andalusian Energy Agency of the Regional Ministry of Presidence, Public Administration and Interior partner of the project and organiser of the event, experts from 3 institutions of the Andalusian Government, including the Agency of Innovation and Development of Andalusia IDEA, the Agency of Knowledge, and from the General Directorate of European Funds.

The meeting consist of three session:

  1. a first welcoming by project organisers, including a general overview of project development;
  2. a second session focusing on the Self-Assessment Tool and Best Practices;
  3. a third session concerning next events and next steps and conclusions. 

After a brief introduction about the current project development of the S3UNICA, including the recent last development concerning the event organised in Finland by the Andalusian Energy Agency and the current role of the Regional Working Group of Andalusia, the meeting focused on the self-assessment tool developed by Universities of Trieste and Udine and the survey developed in order to compile information of all participating stakeholders of different regions. The Andalusian Institute of Domotics and Energy Efficiency by the IADEE, partner of the project underlined the importance to have updated data from the different Andalusian universities buildings and extracting accurate information for next project development.

During the project meeting University of Granada presented the good practice already identified and the experts explained the integrated approach and a wide range of measures, including renewables as energy and environment monitoring taken into account at the different university buildings.

Stakeholders meeting closed with the presentations from the Andalusian Energy Agency concerning the upcoming events of the project, including Next Project Report, next Newsletter and next six month Regional Stakholders Group meeting.