These last six months have been difficult due to COVID-19 emergency: during this period several sectors of social and economic life across the EU had to stop, including University campus activities. In the first two weeks of March, the Universities were closed in Denmark, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Ireland and Poland and, in the following weeks, in all the other EU Member States at national and/or local level. But despite all, S3UNICA team has never stopped:

  • partners meetings were “moved” to Microsoft Teams, ZOOM and other online platforms
  • the Steering Committee approved the Self-Assessment Tool, that will allow stakeholders to identify their strengths and weaknesses of the innovation cycle, policy framework, technical and financial performance on energy consumption of their University smart campuses;
  • S3UNICA first Exchange of Experience, initially planned for May, was reinvented from zero in a “virtual mode: thanks South Karelia and LUT University efforts, all partners and stakeholders had the opportunity to discover Finnish different realities and good practices also thanks to the participation of representatives of Lappeenranta and Imatra cities, of Greenreality Network and of Soletair Power, namely four regional stakeholders specialized in energy, environmental and sustainable sectors. 

For more information, the second S3UNICA newsletter is now available online!