Last 28th January, 26 experts from different institutions (Andalusian Energy Agency of the Regional Ministry of Finance, Industry and Energy, Agency of Innovation and Development of Andalusia IDEA, Agency of Knowledge, and General Directorate of European Funds) attended to AEA’s Stakeholders meeting.

S3UNICA project was presented to partners as well as to stakeholders, advancing already in the presentation of best practices, strategies and financing experiences from members. The days was divided into 4 sessions:  

  • an opening session from the organiser presenting the project 
  • a second session presenting the members,
  • a third session focusing on strategies and financing,
  • a fourth session focusing on Best Practices.

    Session I: Welcome and opening session
The Andalusian Energy Agency General Director presented the background of the project (the Interregional Partnership on Sustainable Building by the Andalusian Energy Agency) and the S3UNICA project, including the Objective of the project, Work plan and expected results, The role of the Regional Working Group of Andalusia, Best Practices, The action plan and Upcoming meetings by the Andalusian Energy Agency, partner of the project and coordinator of the Andalusian Energy Stakeholders Group. 
Then, he presented the role of the Andalusian Institute of Domotics and Energy Efficiency by the IADEE, partner of the project. 

    Session II: Round Table of Presentations of members.
The second session consisted on the presentation of experts and Setting-up the Andalusian Regional Stakeholders Group and having the first working meeting. Later, were presented all the institutions and Best Practices Exchanging and Exchange of information.

    Session III. Policy session focusing on Planning and Financing issues. Energy actions in the
    framework 2020-2027
This session was divided into two parts: the first one, included presentations on the Andalusian Government network addressed to public buildings, including university buildings, the REDEJA network, Energy Network of the Andalusian Government with more than 5,000 buildings, including in a voluntary basis almost all Andalusian Universities. The presentations from the Andalusian Knowledge Agency were also integrated concerning public purchase of innovation and financing innovative projects addressed to universities, specifically under the Horizon 2020 Programme and the new Horizon Europe. 

The second part provided for a working table, that included as well as innovative financing instruments by the Agency of Innovation and Development of Andalusia. During that, the Technological Corporation of Andalusia, another public-private stakeholder, presented financial opportunities for innovative projects.

    Session IV: Focus on Smart campus and Smart Cities. Innovative projects in Andalusia.
The stakeholders meeting concluded with the explanation of best practices from several Andalusian Universities campuses as the Smart Campus Plan of the University of Malaga, from the University of Jaen and the International University of Andalusia (UNIA), the University of Córdoba and the University of Seville.
The session also included a presentation on a micro grid developed in Andalusia by the National Institute of Aerospace Technology, INTA.