S3Chem project partner meeting in permanent representation of Saxony-Anhalt to the EU

On 22nd of November 2018, the project partners came together in the representative of Saxony-Anhalt to the EU. The aim of the meeting was to present first ideas for regional action plans which should improve the implementation of Regional Innovation Strategies (RIS) of each of the seven regions. Based on results of previous analyses on stakeholder involvement and governance, project generation, funding instruments as well as monitoring and steering processes in the framework of the RIS, each region aims to establish actions to enhance the access to innovation funding for companies. The results of the analyses and lessons learned from exchanges of experience with other partner regions will be incorporated into the development of action plans. During the partner meeting and the presentations of regional action plans, partners got a good overview of which explicit measures could be included in their own action plans. Project partners are now invited to prepare a draft regional action plan by the end of phase 1 of the project duration. The implementation of these action plans in the regions will then be monitored in phase 2 of the project, i.e. from April 2019 to March 2021.

During the second session of the meeting, first the ideas on action plans were also discussed with representatives from other European institutions and initiatives which also have the aim to promote interregional cooperation. Lieven Top (Flemish government) gave interesting insights into the trilateral cooperation between chemical regions of Limburg, North Rhine-Westphalia and Flanders. Laurent de Mercey (European Commission, DG Region) demonstrated the intentions of the European Commission to promote interregional and cross-boarder collaboration for the next funding period from 2021 to 20127. The European Commission, based on good experiences made during pilot actions in the current funding period, will focus on future interregional innovation investments. Thomas Wobben (Committee of the Regions) reported about current developments with regard to debate of the European Union about the design of future interregional cooperation. Mikel Iruja, representative of the Vanguard Initiative, highlighted the importance of European cooperation in the field of innovation funding. In particular, bundling of resources and use of synergies between European regions are important benefits of European cooperation. In order to use regional strengths in an effective and sustainable way, platforms play a crucial role. Neli Georgieva (European Chemical Regions Network) and Andreas Pauer (Ecorys) introduced such a platform with a focus on chemistry – S3Platform for Chemistry. Five of seven partners of S3Chem project are already part of the S3Platform whereas Limburg and Lombardy have the lead role.  

The event closed with the participation of S3Chem partners in the evening event held in the representation of Saxony-Anhalt to the EU with the focus on: „Bauhaus – Modernism - Magdeburg in its twenties“.