On 18th and 19th of September, project partners came together in Warsaw to exchange about the final results of the 5th thematic analysis of monitoring and policy steering process of ERDF innovation funding with focus on the chemical and bioeconomy sector. During the meeting the consortium discussed questions such as: What kind of monitoring and evaluation systems are existing in the regions? Who are the involved actors? How is the impact of innovation funding measured and which instruments, output and result indicators are used to monitor the implementation of funding?

Together with stakeholders from Mazovia, Catalunya and Saxony-Anhalt a site visit was organised to the Orlen laboratories located in the Plock Industrial and Technological Park. During the guided tour, participants got to know to the analytical and research facilities of the Central Laboratory which is one of the biggest industrial laboratories in Europe in terms of size and capacity. The Orlen Laboratorium is specialised on analyzes of fuels, petrochemicals, oil, raw materials, inter-operational streams, wastewater, soil as well as air. Stakeholders, among them Mrs. Monika Harponska (CTCQ, Centre Tecnològic de la Química de Catalunya, Spain), Mrs. Irene Punti (ICIQ Research Center, Catalunya), Mr. Dr. Frank Pothen (Fraunhofer IMWS/ CEM, Germany) and Mrs. Urszula Gryczka (Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, Poland) took the chance to present themselves and their work. 

On the second day of the partner meeting, partners dicussed the structure of the thematic work of the upcoming 6th semester which will be focused on the development of action plans to further improve the implementation of the policy instrument RIS in each region based on main results and lessons learned from the thematic analyses of former project periods. Preliminary ideas regarding action plans will be presented at the next partner meeting in Brussels on 22nd November 2018.