On the 23rd of June the Province of Zuid-Holland hosted what was already the third stakeholder meeting. This meeting provided input from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam (EUR), the regional development agency (Innovation Quarter), Innovation agency (TNO) and the metropole region (MRDH). The attendance of these stakeholders provided viewpoints from a variety of organisations and created an interesting discussion.

The main focus of the meeting was to look back on the On Site Deep Dive (OSDD) to the Basque Country and its outcomes and to look ahead to the OSDD to Lombardy region.
Concerning the OSDD to Basque Country, similarites were seen between the Field Labs that are being exploited in the region (https://www.smartindustry.nl/en/) and the Basque Innovation Hubs. Regions could exchange knowlegde concerning these developments. Stakeholders showed interest in business involvement and the use of voucher systems in the region has been discussed.  

Concerning the OSDD to Lombardy the possible use of vouchers systems has been discussed as well, specificially the conditions under which companies in the regions could flourish using these vouchers systems. Moreover developments in the field of manufacturing have been discussed, since that’s one of the main topics of the study visit.

The overall feedback from the stakeholders and key messages from the meeting were “how we can mutually learn from other regions and their best practices in a practical and concrete manner, by showing our own good practices such as field labs and using a voucher scheme structure.”