Mid-May was the time for another OSDD event of our project, and partners and stakeholders of S34Growth visited the Basque Country to learn about the region on site. One part of the event was shared with MANUMIX and MANUNET, and the other part was exclusively for S34Growth.

During two days, our host the Basque Government managed to present to us their Regional Innovation Strategy and Advanced Manufacturing Strategy, a variety of R&D and Technology Transfer Instruments, important networks and clusters, just to mention a few things. In addition, Ms María Moragues Cánovas (DG Research and Innovation, European Commission) talked to us about industrial technologies, smart specialisation and synergies between Horizon 2020 and European Structural and Investment Funds.

On the less official side of the event, we decided to start electing the Best Stakeholder of the OSDD from now on. This time, the prize went to Mr Jose Ignacio Hormaeche, General Manager of the Basque Energy Cluster. Congratulations!